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How does Fluther search work?

Asked by robmandu (21285points) June 10th, 2008

A search for ice turns up a lot of seemingly non-icy topics.

So my guess is that it’s doing some form of a substring search, hitting on nice, licorice, etc.

And I’ve never had much luck with quoted terms, like iphone sdk whereas searching without the quotes works pretty alright.

Are there any guidelines to Fluther search? Or should I just revert to using the “” directive on Google?

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We’ve switched up the algorithm recently so that it does substring search, as you’ve described.

The new search is better for finding exact phrases, but worse for finding things by keywords or short words.

To find questions about ice, you maybe be better off browsing by topic.

We’re still playing around with it to get it just right. If you’re having trouble finding something using the Fluther search engine, you can always turning to the pros.

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So, sounds like it’s a work in progress then.

As of right now though, I think I’m hearing that it’s a straight-forward literal search of the words typed in using spaces as delimiters. Quotes are handled as if they’re like any other regular character, imparting no special functionality to the search.

Thanks! It helps knowing what the expectations are.

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Are you actually crafting your own search solution? Wouldn’t it be easier to use a pre-built library for indexing and searching? For example, I use Lucene in my PHP projects and I know there are plenty more indexers for PHP, so I suppose there also are more than enough for Python.

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Im really not sure if it works at all. Never gets me to the questions/answers I need

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