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Is cabin fever setting in for anyone else (besides me)

Asked by Mama_Cakes (9823points) January 25th, 2013

Just call me the travelocity gnome.

“A dee-dee-dee-d-dee dee doo”...

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Today is a beautiful day at our house. I have the door open and a light breeze blowing through. It was bitter, record breaking cold last week, and rained yesterday. It might rain tomorrow too, but I took a great walk today and I’m feeling groovy.

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Yeah, I’m contemplating 3 days home alone working this weekend. My only excursions will be for cigarettes and groceries. But people don’t know how to drive in this state when it snows, so I will be nervous of other drivers out on the road.

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I don’t have a job now, but being busy job hunting means I get to spend a lot of time outside, running around from one place to another. So I don’t have that feeling…and if I wasn’t busy, I’d still take walks, just to say I did something.

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After weeks of cold weather here, it’s turned very warm. Call me crazy, but I miss the cold. I have a vacation coming up next month and am trying to decide where to go.

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No. The only time it gets cold is after frontal passage, then it’s back to warm here in MS.

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70 degrees in Missouri on Monday, I’m all about it, woo hoooooooooo!

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I get cabin fever when the extreme heat and humidity sets in. I don’t mind getting out in the cold. In fact, I find it invigorating! We haven’t had much of a winter the past couple years. I feel cheated.

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@jonsblond You know, the snow is good for the Great Lakes. :0 We have gained so much beach here because of the water levels being down.

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I don’t know about cabin fever, but annoyance, yes. The weather here in TN just can’t make up it’s mind. This morning I had to contend with freezing rain on the way to work and by Monday it’s supposed to be in the low 60’s with more rain. Rain is all we get whether it’s in liquid or ice form. It’s irritating. I like my seasons to toe the line. I want it cold and snowy now and warm in the Spring. Instead it’s back and forth all the time. Bleh.

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Yes. I want to go outside and not freeze my butt off. I want to go for a walk, but it’s been single digit temperatures and I am a wimp.

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Not yet, it has been bitterly cold but this week it has warmed up and today is amazing. Cloudy after some rain earlier and yesterday but it is 4:54 p.m. right now and I have the house open and just got in from some shopping, rockin’ down the highway with my window down at a peak of 65 degrees this afternoon!

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I normally love Winter (as opposed to Summer), but somehow I am feeling a bit depressed this year. I don’t think it’s the weather so much. I think the short days are getting to me. I am looking forward to, and will welcome Spring and the longer days.

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OK, it’s official. I am against Cold Weather.

I planned to go to the gas station to buy some caffeine and cigarettes for a night of work… And my car door is frozen shut. Should I pour hot water on it? What the hell man. I know how to survive a hurricane and extreme heat for days, but I hate dealing with cold weather.

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@bookish1 I guess you could get 2 cups of coffee and pour one on your frozen door.

I hate driving in snow/ice. I had a scary black ice shimmy on the highway last week.
Yeah right, steer into the skid, as IF one will actually DO that when sliding out of control!
By the time that bit of driving trivia manifests in your consciousness too late, you’re face to face with that monolithic pine tree.

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@bookish1, the hot water will help get the doors open. But once you get the doors open you need to spray some kind of lubricant on them to keep them from freezing again.

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@AmWiser : Thank you. I’ll remember that, but I think I am just going to admit defeat and go to bed early before I run out of freaking cigarettes. I hope it’ll thaw by tomorrow morning…

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@bookish1 Good call. I once got a frozen car door open only to have it freeze that way in a minute. Couldn’t get it shut again. I left the car and ran to catch the passing school bus before I missed that option. My dad was pretty mad (this was in high school) when he found a snowdrift inside the car later that morning, thanks to the door hanging wide open. I wish I still had that car-68 Mustang fastback

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I’m in FL right now because we will be moving here and for the last few days I have been outside, under blue skies, a couple days I read at the pool and swam laps. Really happy to be soaking up the D,

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@JLeslie Up for a visitor? haha

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Oh man, YES. I want to go OUTSIDE.

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@Mama_Cakes I would love to have a visitor. We actually have a car race to go to next week, and then I return home for 4–5 weeks, so I don’t think it will work right now. Well, nothng is stopping you from coming to FL of course, I just mean I don’t have a lot of girl hang out time in the coming days. I do recommend you get out of the cold and into the warm sun. Going more south in FL gives you a better guarantee of bikini weather in the summer. West Palm Beach and south, or on the other coast Naples and Marco Island.

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Yes! I’m dying to kayak, and I totally would despite the cold except I don’t have enough cash at the moment to get the winter gear I’d need to be safe. Most drysuits cost more than my boat did! I can’t wait for spring. But at least my dog forces me to walk every day no matter how cold it is, and that holds off the indoor crazies a bit.

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