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How is it that a bunny became the symbol for "Playboy"?

Asked by Self_Consuming_Cannibal (4256points) January 25th, 2013

Think about it, a bunny. Something covered in fur, with bucked teeth and big ears is the animal that represents a magazine that many men and some women look at with lust in their hearts and minds.

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Check this out
Thank you Google. Nothing like getting it from the horse’s mouth!

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Lots of bunnies in Playboy but no pubic hare.

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@Earthgirl Nice article. I wish I could give you multiple GA’s for that answer!

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They are in heat all year long.

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I assume you’ve heard the phrase “effing like bunnies”?

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@Buttonstc I have, I jusy didn’t think of that.

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Well, Heff sure did and made himself a fortune :)

But I really enjoyed reading all the fascinating info in that link. That’s why I love Fluther. Learn something new everyday.

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How the hell male rabbits don’t shatter their pelvis whilst humping is a complete mystery.
Their little arses go like a shithouse door in a hurricane, machine gun like thrusting.

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Yeah @ucme I know what you mean! Theres a video on youtube of a bunny humping a balloon! Its so funny.

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@Earthgirl Must be the fucking duracell bunny, more bang for ya buck!

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Rabbits are, actually, one of only a few species that orgasm.
I used to have show bunnies and the male will, literally, scream and fall over on his side, stunned, for about 30 seconds after ejaculation.
Typical male. lol

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The magazine was originally named “Stag Party”, and the symbol was a stag, but there was already a men’s magazine named “Stag” who sued to stop Hugh Hefner from naming his magazine “Stag Party”. He needed replacements for name and symbol quickly. The publisher wanted to project certain images, and he thought a playboy lifestyle suited him and horny bunnies also did.

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