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Can anyone help with dating advice?

Asked by littleblackstar01 (34points) January 25th, 2013 from iPhone

I am in middle school and there is this guy I really like. We are in T.a.g together. He is single. I want to date him but I want it to happen before valentines day . But I am really scared and shy to ask, I am also friend with his best friend. We are always having fun when we are together. Any ways I can get him to like me more? Any way i could creatively ask him out?Any help? Please answer and no hate! ;)

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By the way t.A.G is talented and gifted group

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Hey, welcome to Fluther.
Are you sure you’re old enough to be here? 13 is the minimum age.
Are you sure you’re old enough to be dating? What does dating even mean in middle school? Is it more of a social and image thing, where you just say you are “dating” publicly? Does it mean that you hang out at the movies together on weekends? Are your parents OK with this? How do you date if you don’t have money or access to a car?
Have you ever spent time with this guy before? Most people spend time with someone they like before they end up in a relationship… Maybe you can see if he’d like to meet up at the mall or movies. See if he’s interested in spending time with you. Just talk and see if you enjoy each other’s company.
No one can make you less shy. You become less shy by pushing yourself outside your comfort zone. Just do it. Approach him and ask if he’d like to go have some pizza, hang out at the mall, or go to your place for a movie.

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And is it possible that a guy in middle school would be anything else but single?

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Well you are in middle school and it’s not uncommon in that age range to have someone else ask you for him. You are friends with his best friend, maybe you should ask him to mention it to the guy you like and see how he responds. Good luck,

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Any special reason this needs to happen before Valentine’s Day?

@gailcalled LmaO!

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