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Everyday I'm Flutherin'... What keeps you coming back?

Asked by bookish1 (13147points) January 25th, 2013

I first came here with a very practical and immediate question, was shown kindness by a few nice jellies, I mean squishies, and then kept coming back over the summer out of loneliness and the desire to have a place to speak English, haha. But now, I’m a confirmed addict, and I keep coming back because of the characters here!

What about you?

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The free cookies.

And amazing jellies such as yourself. Truth is, you guys are far more interesting many people I know in real life.

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The Nekkid pancake parties.

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Me too, I came and asked a question, then I vanished for about 6 months? I was here before then left years ago. I mean years ago. I hardly remembered anyone. I keep coming back for the special jelly’s. Who really do share, are thoughtful, funny or interesting. I come here for a laugh too.

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Not quittin’ until I get my Circumnavigator Award! :D

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The characters and fun!
Girls just wanna have FUN!
It’s such a mixed bag and I like mixers. :-)

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I’m here for the nekkid pancake parties, too! w00t!

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Oh and I never forgot @Coloma from the first time loll she was a newbie then hehe

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@Shippy OMG! Are you a reincarnation? I KNOW who you are now…the old JJ? Hah

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I get boozed and talk to strangers without having to drive home.

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@Coloma yes, I haven’t changed much have I?

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JJ! You were one of the 1st to greet me!

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Yes probably, they had that whole newbie thing going on still haha

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I keep hanging around hopin n hopin @AshLeigh and @Hawaii_Jake will ask me to a nekkid pancake party. I have my own syrup n everything…. <sad sigh-hangs head>

Other than that… I’m not quite sure.

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@Ela The nekkid pancake party starts now! Here ya go!

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@Hawaii_Jake w00h00! I’m warmin’ my syrup up up!!

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Party . . . and good times.

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@Hawaii_Jake – you are such a tease! I watched the whole thing waiting for them to rip off their tu-tu’s and get nekkid!!! (some nice pecs there!!!)

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@rooeytoo I’m a tease? They had some hot action going on there. :-P

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The very interesting and knowledgeable jellies. I learn new things all the time. I also like being able to help people; we jellies help each other all time. There are jellies here I care about and feel I know, as much as you can know an online friend. They make me laugh and think and revive my hopes that people out there still think. Think, ponder, analyze, question. It energizes me to be around people like that. Too bad I do it while sitting on my couch most of the time. I wish I fluthered while on my treadmill.

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I brought the pancake! I can’t remember what first brought me here, but I fell for Dr. Jelly (seriously, I was taken with the logo and nautical theme). I left after a very ugly reaction to a question where I really needed help and a little sympathy and stayed gone for about two years. I recently came back because I stopped by without signing in and saw many of my Jelly friends were still here and I missed them. and I can’t wear a pancake on my head in real life

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I come here because it takes my mind away from work and it gives me the chance to know what other people think about a variety of topics, some of which I don’t have the chance to talk about in real life. Most of the questions that are asked here are never addressed by the people I interact with IRL, so I love to be able to learn about how other people’s mind work. Some people here have my utter respect either because they are very intelligent, very calm, very kind, helpful, perceptive, experienced, etc. I learn a lot and wish I had more time to read all the good stuff that is posted here.

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I came back one more time just to say “Goodnight my Jellies”. Time to take off the pancake and put on the night cap. you can use the pancake for the nekkid party but I need it back in the a.m.

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The level of exchange of ideas here, and the friends I have made. That’s my incentive.

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The kindness and generosity of many of the jellies here keeps me coming back. I’ve received emotional support, prayers, Christmas presents, a housewarming gift and an awesome ;) astronomy book for our daughter from fellow jellies. My husband has also received several gifts from friends here when he was doing his podcast. The good people here are some of the best people I’ve never met. :D

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Frozen cookie dough.

Do you like that stuff? I absolutely lurve it!

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I come back because I can count on getting a good answer to any question I could think of, whether it be medical, comical, relationship, or simply curiosity about the moon. I like the sense of community, but most of all I like the great array of questions. I enjoy having my brain prodded and often questions on here make me think of things I wouldn’t have thought of before, or see different points of view. It’s awesome!

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Because I’m actually Arnold Schwarzenegger. And I’ll bee bak soon!

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I come back to get out of my own thoughts and problems for a while. Thinking about answers to questions and other people takes me out of myself and my worries. It gives me a comforting perspective.

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Hopes of having sex with you. I’m only half-joking, even. :)

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Weee you said squishies!

Well, frankly, I hate all of you, and my only purpose here is to reap all your souls, then give them to The Destroyer. But then once he gets all powerful, I’ll kick his ass, eat his heart and then I’ll rule everything. Then I’ll resurrect every squishy and we’ll have a party.

And it’s gonna be cool.

But until then; I have a lot of fun here, and I also learn quite a lot. It’s now part of my online routine, and it feels good. Made some good friends who’s souls I will soon have.

Learning and people accepting me as I am is a big incentive. Doesn’t happen in many online communities. Or rules can be tough, but I find that I can say whatever I want if I respect the rules. If Fluther shuts down some day, I’m done with Q&A sites.

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Knowing I have to donate my soul to @Symbeline. While waiting for her to take possession of said soul, I avoid work here or Fluther while watching TV. There are some great people posting here and it’s always nice to read what they have to say.

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Because I lurve you jellies squishies.

You is kind. You is smart. You is important.

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I can’t find the way out. Seriously, someone show me the door.

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Tis magnetic I tell you!

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Because you can have fun, serious, outrageous, and/or meaningful conversations with people (unlike in real life) where you can actually say what you mean, say what you need to say without getting brushed off or ignored, or having your friends or family or co-workers think that what you find important or meaningful is just boring or stupid. There is always someone on fluther that likes or agrees with what you say and lets you say it without waving you off or walking away. I have very specific interests in which I am passionate about. Most people around me in the real world do not share those interests. With fluther, I can find those people who like the same things that I do. I think I have some valuable information to share with people, but in real life, no one seems to give two craps. Mabye it’s just because with fluther, we manage to seek out those who actually can use/appreciate our knowlege and advice and interests. In real life, it’s just the luck of the draw with regards to the people that you interact with on a daily basis. On fluther, we find like-minded people.

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Like a half naked, epileptic nun, it’s a habit I can’t seem to shake off.

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I shall call you Squishy and you shall be mine and you shall be my Squishy.

I come back for the squishies I love, for the silliness that makes me laugh, and for the nude food fights.

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My answer is not as in-depth as it should be, but I will say that this is a much better alternative to Y!A – which is really too full of spammers, idiots and trolls. Not all Y!A users are spammers, idiots and trolls, but I don’t think it’s moderated as well as it should be.
I keep coming back also because some of the people I’ve come across have been particularly welcoming and friendly. I’ve only ever had a couple of less than pleasant encounters – but it was nothing so bad that I wouldn’t choose to come back. I like it here. So it’ll do me!

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’‘squishes away @WillWorkForChocolate’’

No! MY squishy!

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My precious.

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^^ You two need to get a room!

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You mean we four.

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Is that an invitation?

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I think that party’s closed, I’m afraid.

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