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Quick question: what are you listening to as you read this? And why? Is it on the radio in your car/playlist on iPod/Turntable?

Asked by zensky (13357points) January 26th, 2013

Been around the world and ay ay ay… I can’t find my baby… (on the radio)...

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Turntable you ask? Yes indeedy I still love my LP’s.

Kids – google turntable for a laugh. It plays giant black CDs made of vinyl turning them at 33⅓ RPM’s. There are also singles at 45 RPM’s. I don’t play those anymore – one song at a time is just too much. But give me one side of a Vinyl – 22 minutes of pure music bliss over your iPod anyday.

You may respond.

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Oh man, pinched again. I have CMT (Country Music Television) on. I can’t stand MTV or VH1. My first music purchases were LP’s. Loved all the covers and the art work.

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Man – I miss buying records.

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Those huge covers were amazing. CD’s don’t even come close.

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I have the orginal artwork included inside the Beatles’ records framed on my wall. Sigh.

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Wondering if a “quick question” equates to a one-liner & if so, does this make one anti-community? ;-}
I’m not listening to music, but watching golf on the tellybox, much nicer when you have cash riding on it.

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@ucme You gotta let it go, dude. ;-)

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listening to a radio show online about France’s intervention in Mali.
France Inter

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@zensky “Memories, misty water coloured memories…”

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The way we were…♫♫♫

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My furnace kicking on. It’s a quiet morning here right now.

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Vivaldi (I think) in the local classical station.

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David Sedaris, on YouTube, telling all about ‘Jesus Shaves’.
Love it and all his work.

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It is only 8:22 a.m. here and the only “music” I am listening to is a tree frog croaking, the “whoosh“of my fireplace and the dishwasher churning away.
I have an 11:30 home massage and will then put on some soothing massage music and THEN, I am going to get high and kick ass on cleaning my house which will certainly call for some rock-n-roll! lol

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Lou Reed “Walk on the Wild Side” XM Radio driving down I-5 towards SoCal.
Classic Vinyl
(I may not be to far from you @Coloma. Left Ashland, OR about 5:30 this morning. )

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Not listening to anything but the sound of the wind soughing in the pines, but rereading some Hamlet.

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@Judi Cool! I am about 5–6 hours away. :-)
I LOVE old Lou Reed..Sweet Jaaane!

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My ceiling fan whirring, just need the silence today.

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I’m listening to Jazz Crusaders play ‘Inherit the Wind’ on YouTube. I heard it on Jazz FM and really liked it. I like music but hardly ever buy it which I know is wrong.

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I’m listening to the TV play in the background, because my sister is watching it. I’m not watching because I’ve been working on my homework for the past hour and a half or so!

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Escape Pod episode.

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I’m listening to the rain fall lightly outside my window and to the sound of my clock ticking.

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I’m listening to the Billy Joel station on pandora, but a Ben Folds song is playing at the moment.

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I am listening to my daughter sing “Where do I begin,” as I write this. Except I had to ask her the name of the song, so she stopped singing.

Lucky you caught me at a moment when she was singing. Now she’s singing “The girl from Ipanema.”

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Old “Family Guy” reruns. Back when Mila Kunis was not “Meg”

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iPod on shuffle. Better leave her behind but the kids are alright!

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Karl Pilkington on an episode of An Idiot Abroad.

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It’s a commercial now but Eddie Money was playing before it.
“You can even wake up without morning breath.” I think it was a gum commercial.

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At the moment nothing. But earlier in the car I was listening to U2 on CD over and over.

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Haha, I’m listening to Burl Ives version of the cowboy classic “Cool Water”.

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@nofurbelowsbatgirl I could do that easily – U2 rock!

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@zensky agreed! I’ll turn it up then :)

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@nofurbelowsbatgirl You know, the more I Fluther, the more I realize that I still haven’t found what I’m looking for…

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@zensky the more I realize that I still haven’t found what I’m looking for…

hint: it’s In God’s Country

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@jonsblond Under the Joshua Tree?

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Please Remember Me by Tim McGraw on my iPad with an app called Jango. You type in an artist you like at it plays similar artists!

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@zensky Yes, With or Without You

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@nofurbelowsbatgirl But all I want is you…!

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@zensky oh “Babyface”, meet me on the “4th of July” in the “City of Blinding Lights” and we can get “A room at the Heartbreak Hotel” because I understand “Sometimes You Can’t Make It on Your Own”. ;x

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Be bad, my angel of harlem.

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“Mofo”! “Instant Karma!” “Rise Up” & “Rejoice.” You give me “Vertigo” :p

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The wonderful sound of the vacuum cleaner, being pushed by someone other than me. Nice to have a housekeeper every two weeks for a few hours…a perk of being older and retired and not spending money on $400 shoes and pocketbooks.

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‘Harry’s Bar’ by Gordon Haskell.
Wonderful, if you ask me.

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