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Which of Gaia's young women just got her keys to the car parked in fluther's 10 K mansion?

Asked by wundayatta (58525points) January 26th, 2013

Why Earthgirl, of course!

Congratulations, oh wise woman!

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WHAT ON EARTH???? Well done Terragirl, go in and make yourself at home!

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Mazel Tov Earthgirl! Your posts are definitely on terra firma!

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Congratulations :)

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Ho’omaikai! e “Aina Wahine”

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I am early for once. 10Kongratulations @Earthgirl

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Congrats, Earthgirl! Your contributions are always awesome, and we’re glad to have you around. Keep on keepin’ on! :-)

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Best wishes and congratulations. What’s you favorite meal? We’ll have it ready for you.

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Congratulations @earthgirl! I really would have thought you had been here long ago.

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Woohoo, congratulations! Love your posts, keep up the good work, cheers. :)

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Cheers! Lets have some earthworm pie to celebrate!

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In Marvel Comics of old, there was a character Moonboy who hung out with Devil Dinosaur – a bright red T-Rex.

So I ask you, @earthgirl, new resident of the 10K Mansion – do you have a pet dinosaur?


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Congrats! Help yourself to the chocolate stash I left in the [REDACTED]

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* * * Y * A * Y * * * CONGRATULATIONS ! ! ! GOOD WORK ! ! ! * * * Y * A * Y * * *

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Earthboy to Earthgirl…CONGRATS!!!!

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Congrats, Earthgirl! You’re a great jelly. :)

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YAY! Mazel Tov! Congrats!

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I like you because you seem really down to earth girl, nicely grounded & the sun shines out of your arsehole. Actually, scratch that last one, not your arse…you radiate sunlight wherever you go, that sounds better, congrats m’dear :¬)

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I getting dizzy from the Earth spinning,
Great Going GaiaGirl.

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10K Congrats! Welcome to the Mansion.

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Congratulations @Earthgirl. I can’t believe you are only at 10K. You are one of my all time favourite jelllies. Glad you are here.

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Congratulations. I wonder why I didn’t get a car?

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Congratulations to a Rare Earth Jelly Squishy!

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Congrats Earthgirl. It’s very very well deserved. You always have great insights. And I never recall you making a snarky remark. Welcome to the mansion.

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wow! I thought you had already been living amongst us all of this time. You are the jelly that is most like me with regards to politics, ideas and sensibilites, except you have all of my good qualities, without having any of my bad qualities.

Before you come down for your party, head up to your Room to get settled in and freshen up. I’ve left you a Gift on your bedside table.

Do you smell something yummy? Might it be This? @Adirondackwannabe is just finishing up in the mansion kitchen and he shall bring you this dish momentarily.

After dinner, head down to the theater. I called in a favor to get These Guys to do a few numbers for you.

Tomorrow, I thought you and me could head over to the Fluther ice rink and hang out with This Couple and get our skate on!

After that, maybe we can go hang out in Here which is an exact replica of the original, in Tribeca, only this one’s all for you!

Congrtulations friend!

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@Earthgirl Hope you don’t mind if I sample a little on the way over. Kardamom that sounds delicous.

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The conversation just turned serious and introspective. Of course! @Earthgirl just entered the Mansion! Nice!
Congrats on the 10k!

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Ever thoughtful, you’re a great and valuable member of the collective :-) Congratulations on the 10K!

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You are a fantastic writer, @earthgirl. You have a good head on your shoulders and a heart that is logical and kind. Congratulations on your accomplishment here.

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Way to go Earth Girl!! :)

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Oh Wunday! I didn’t even think you’d notice me sneaking into the mansion under cover of night! Thanks for the car and sorry I’m so late to the party. I am so happy to have found fluther. It means a lot to me the daily dose of wisdom, crazy stories, inspiration and jokes. It drew me in so fast. Woo hoo! Now here I am sitting pretty in the mansion of all places! They will have to throw me out! I’ll never leave!

@ZEPHYRA Thank you and I just wanna say that as an Earthgirl I appreciate your role as messenger of Spring. Bring it on, I am SOOO ready!
@janbb Thank you….I do so try to avoid that slippery slope,lol. Hopefully most times I succeed.
@Shippy Thank you! Expecting to see you here soon.
@Hawaii_Jake Wish I could thank you in person!
@flutherother Thank you so much!
@mangeons Thank you! I’m always around….even though you might not hear from me much.
@Sunny2 Thank you, it’s about time right? Champagne and lobster sounds good.
@syz Thank you!
@chyna Thank you. I just took my time, lol. I need to write more often. You have no idea how many things I start to write and then don’t post! I am so bad.
@Symbeline Thanks, but then again, no thanks. Geez, what do you think I am, a zombie??!
@zensky It is especially cool that I got a new car too!
@tinyfaery Thank you!

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@cookieman I used to have a dinosaur….back in the day. Now all the good dinosaurs are on other planets. I’ll stick around here on earth with my pet unicorn. :)
@WillWorkForChocolate Holding out on me huh? We have ways of making you talk! …I know the cake is in the frizzer…let me see, where would they put the chocolate…..I can do this, I can get there by process of elimination…
@mazingerz88 You are an Earthboy?? Really??? Prove it!
@augustlan Thank you oh wise and generous leader!
Thanks! You’re the best!
@ucme Goddamn, I am blushing now. Is this a joke? Are you going to hit me with a one liner now? But really, thank you. Many are the days when your humor makes me literalay lol!
@Tropical_Willie Slow down there buddy. You know, you have to pace yourself at these affairs….perhaps you had too many of Coloma’s happy brownies.
@Seaofclouds Thank you!
@DrBill Thank you!
@tedibear Thank you!
@AmWiser Thank you!
@Bellatrix Oh thank you! Flattery will get you everywhere,lol. I still remember the time that you told me that I “give good poem”. That was so funny. Your appreciation of what I have to write and say means a lot to me. Now let’s party!!!
(Damn sorry I am so late to my own party)
@Judi Thank you. Perhaps you reached 10k in the year of the austerity budget?? There might have been a fiscal cliff or something…
@bookish1 What is an Earthgirl doing in the ocean pretending to be a jelly anyways? I ask you.
@Adirondackwannabe Thank you so much. I love how fluther takes me out of my routine and makes me think. It exposes me to so many personalities and people.
@Kardamom Thank you! You are so sweet. My room looks very Zen! I can’t wait to settle in. I absolutely love my gift!
The CSN concert was great! You know what I like. And that song has so much meaning for me.
Skating so lifts my spirits! I love his little spanish number.
I dream of a studio like that. The location is great.
You’re so good to me, lol.
@Adirondackwannabe Now you went and ate all my party food! :( Can you make more? I guess I was too late to the party.
@LuckyGuy Ah yes! I am a serious girl. Guilty as charged. I need to work on my ethereal qualities. Perhaps there is some jelly who is an air sign that could coach me.
Thank you!
@harple Thank you! thought-full is a great complement to me.(and sometimes a bit of a curse as well, lol)
@bkcunningham Thank you from my heart of hearts. It means a lot to me.
@Dutchess_III hank you! I remember the time you asked me to submit a question to the president. Sorry it ended up being #12.456.847,982 on the list! I guess he just didn’t have time to answer.

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I almost missed it. Congrats!! Always love your answers…....

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Late to the party. But Grats @Earthgirl you are grounded and I find your insight delightful.

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I am late here.
Congrats Earthgallllll on 10K….

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@Earthgirl: I commend you on your awesome achievement! Welcome to the Mansion! We’ll have to set up the telescope!

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Congratulations, @Earthgirl. You’re avatar is as beautiful as you are wise.

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@Earthgirl From the time I first read your answer to a question of mine about art some two years ago, I felt you were special. So special, that I finally got a 10K question in. I’ve tried before, but was always a duplicate. This is the first one I’ve ever asked that survived the final cut.

I find your answers are always well thought out and wise. You are compassionate and you understand. These are qualities you don’t often see in an answer around here, and whenever I see your avatar, I stop to pay attention.

I wish you answered more questions. I wish you asked more questions. But maybe keeping yourself scarce is a good way to make people always want more. Maybe you’ll give in to your fans one of these days, and let us see more of you.

Anyway, I’m glad you’re here. Fluther would be much less interesting without you. I am such a big fan!

Conger Eelations…

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Yay @Earthgirl !!
You always have a well-grounded angle on things, I look forward to your further posts.

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Earthgirl! Congo Rats! We are so glad you are here! Welcome!

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@dabbler why thank you!
@filmfann Thanks for the kind welcome. I’m happy to be here in such esteemed company!

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@TheobromosHumper oops! Almost forgot to say thank you. Hmmmm…how did you know that its only my avatar? Hmmm? Hm?! Oh if only I had those beautiful eyes I could slay legions of men!

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I definitely consider you one of the core members, certainly worthy of this mantle of honor being bestowed upon you. Upper crust all the way. One of the more well-rounded members, globally speaking.

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@thorninmud I am quite honored to have earned such esteem! Thank you so much. I totally respect you as one of the best jellies ever!

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Congratulations! I snapped a few shots of some nifty local street art as a 10K present for you; it’s why I’m late to the party – but the disturbingly unseasonable warmth today presented the perfect opportunity. Enjoy!

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Those are lovely shots, @wildpotato! Thanks for sharing them with us.

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@wildpotato Those are great pics! Nice gift. Thank you! Did you see my post of the Tank Man graffiti? Is that what made you think of me when you saw the street art?

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@Earthgirl Yep, yep. I also owed you for the Tuberoses – which are gorgeous! I’ll plant some if I ever move someplace warm.

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