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Do you avoid buying or wearing uggs since finding out how the genuine ones are made?

Asked by ZEPHYRA (19607points) January 26th, 2013

When you became aware of it, did you stop wearing them or not even buy them?

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I’ve never heard how the real Uggs are made, but I don’t own any.

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Well, I guess I don’t want to know how they’re made then.
Made by children from live calves in fire-prone sweat shops in Bangladesh?
I can’t fathom why people wear them in the first place. I get embarrassed on their behalf. I think they are fuggly.

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I have never owned a pair of genuine Uggs but do have several pairs of a brand called “BearPaw.” They are nice boot but not as pricey as the Uggs. I wear them a lot in the winter over here doing my little micro-farm scene. They are cozy and warm, I love them!

I’m not reading the article. I don’t do cruelty articles anymore. I do what I can and don’t need to know.
What else is new, cruelty based industries are everywhere.

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They are layed by huns, right?

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@ZEPHYRA your question refers to ‘genuine’ ugg boots and how they are made but the link to the PETA site discusses knock offs. Not real Ugg boots. Ugg boots (I believe) started in Australia and are made from sheep skin. I have never heard there is a problem with the way they are produced in terms of cruelty to animals. I haven’t done any research. If there is a problem I would like to read the material about that.

I do think you need to clarify if you are talking about faux ugg boots or the authentic Ugg boot product. If you mean the faux products you need to change your question. Let me know and I will censor it so you can edit.

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I don’t wear them because I think they are silly looking and impractical. However real Uggs are made with a sheep wool lining. They kill the sheep for food and the hides are used for many different applications. I can’t stand the way the sheep are herded onto multi level trucks and transported to stock yards for sale and slaughter. But it is not considered cruel or inhumane to do this so the practice continues. Those who think it not cruel have apparently never passed one on the highway. They are packed into trucks so tightly they cannot fall down, they bleat and bawl and sometimes you can’t help but make eye contact and there is terror in their eyes. I am not a vegetarian and I have no objection to using animals for food, etc. I just wish they were killed where they lived so they don’t spend their last minutes on earth in fear and panic.

Also I don’t believe a word PETA says, they are worse than many they persecute, not to mention a little bit nuttso besides.

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PETA tends to lie. I think that (if UGGS were made in my size) I would buy some.

As long as I can remember they have stretched and mangled the truth.

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PETA is full of bullshit. And I think ugg boots are uggly.

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I don’t own Uggs because they’re ugly, over-priced and the train is ready to leave the station as far as their trendiness goes (and I don’t do trends if it’s something overpriced and ugly).

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I’ll take Uggs any day of the week over Coach purses. Talk about an ugly and overpriced trend. lol

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