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Which qualities that you see in others, do you wish you had yourself?

Asked by Shippy (9870points) January 27th, 2013

I am partial to calm people. The types that are slow to anger. I admire organized people and people with routine. I wish I had those qualities.

Which qualities do you admire in others, or even in yourself? Which qualities do you avoid in people?

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I admire managers and co-workers who don’t allow themselves to get sucked into office politics or take others’ ill-mannered behavior personally. I try to emulate that but, even this late in my career, am not able to succeed as often as I’d like.

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I wish I were more organized and better able to compartmentalize my emotions.

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I wish I was more organized. I wish I was more motivated.

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I agree with the people that say about organisation and I wish I was better at time management as I am currently quite poor. My SO is creative and has an ability to see the obvious in different situations and I find that a great quality to have as I think a lot of people struggle to see what is going on in front of their face.

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I admire brave people, who will stand up for themselves. I admire people who manage to get into relationships and stay in them.

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I guess patience is a big one for me. After all, look at my username!

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Serenity and spirituality.

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I’m rather serious most of the time, so I’m attracted to humorous folks. I like calm routine people, too, and well-read educated people, it’s fun to discuss things with them.

I wish I was more spontaneous and I’m working on it. I wish I was more giving of my time to worthy causes or people who need me to help them, I’m really impatient unfortunately.

The fun thing is that my mom and I are much alike but incredibly different and we balance each other well. She cares more for people and is unselfish and loving, allowing homeless to take showers and spend the night while I take care of all the business and paperwork if needed, and all that is very frustrating and impossible for her/ them.

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Yes, I struggle with self discipline and admire disciplined but not OCD anal types.
While I do go through lengthy phases of self discipline I am a hedonist and epicure at heart and will always be able to rationalize certain things I want. haha
At risk of sounding arrogant, but….I wish more people had MY qualities of engagement, enthusiasm and humor.
I am surrounded by dull, pedantic, unimaginative types and finding like minded playmates is a rarity.

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I admire quick thinking and spontaneous people. I am way too set in my routines. I am getting better about it, but it still makes me anxious to do anything spontaneously.

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@Mariah: I am not very good at spontaneity either. Maybe having experienced major medical problems has done that to both of us.

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I admire people who are calm and measured in their emotions. Who are content and seemingly at peace.

I am not that person no matter how much I try.

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I admire balanced peoples energy. I also admire confident people. I like these things in others because I feel they help me with my confidence and emotional issues and I guess I try to imitate them.

This maybe sounds strange but I met Cesar Millan and when I did it was his energy that went right through me.

Not only did he lend a sympathetic ear to me at that moment everything I said had nothing to do with dogs.

I can just say his energy has made an impact on my life and even helped me through the grieving process and when I told him that he was honestly humbled and told me as he held my hand that it was his honor and for a moment he made me feel like a queen and because of that I try to follow that example and make everyone and everything I come into contact feel special. But I most definitely admire this type of energy. I am also not a very emotionally balanced person.

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@cookieman Meh! I try, and fail.

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@nofurbelowsbatgirl Yes, so few people are really PRESENT with others. It is a rare and wonderful thing to find someone who has mastered the fine art of giving you their undivided attention.

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@nofurbelowsbatgirl Wow, I just knew he had that energy. I was trying to explain it to people, but they don’t know what I am talking about. You can see it, you can feel it just by watching him. I like to watch his shows, just to see how he uses this energy. I wish I could met him.

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@Shippy @Coloma He is very easy to be around. Not only does he make you feel special, he makes you feel like you are important. I know he was sincere because I met him not much longer after he lost Daddy and not much longer after he broke up with his wife. He definitely understands that not just dogs but we humans have flaws and he will even speak up when he is wrong and admit he is not perfect even though many people think he is. He has amazing energy.

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^^^ Yes, the fine art of how to win friends and influence people. A dying art for sure.

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I admire people who can talk to others. I am very closed up unless I know someone well enough, like them, and they generally have similar viewpoints as me. With anyone else, I have to force myself to speak and it’s uncomfortable, limiting, and nerve-wracking. It’s a daily battle determining whether I am going to speak to my professors as well, not because of the aforementioned list, but because I’m simply terrified of looking stupid.

I guess what I really admire is people who don’t care if they look stupid.

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I admire confidence in others and kindness. I think these two go together well.

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I’m calm and relatively organized. What I wish I could be is more energetic.

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Helpful selflessness. I know people who are able to reach out a compassionate hand, do volunteer work, touch other people’s lives in a hopeful way and bring cheerfulness to it. and they seem to do it with little expectation of reward or recognition.

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@Shippy: Yup, I have resolved that I am either detached or bombastic. Apathy or passion. No middle ground.

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I don’t know if I would like to be more organized. I guess I’d just like a society that doesn’t plan weeks into the future. How can I know if I wanna go to this party or hang out with this person three weeks from now?

I’d like to care less. I know people who don’t seem to care all that much and it looks pretty easy to live that way. Unfortunately I worry too much and care too much.
I’d like to be more determined. I often find myself full of doubt.
I also admire very charismatic people, who can charm anyone.

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I would like to have a lot more energy and be more charismatic.

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I’m much like @muppetish. I admire storytellers and those who speak with ease. I’m always struggling to find something to talk about when I’m surrounded by strangers. I’m nice and friendly, but I have a hard time keeping a conversation going if I don’t know the person that well.

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Charisma’s a good one, @tups and @jonsblond. It would especially be an asset in a university career. I can be very personable, but I don’t think I’m a charmer.

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Many of the young people I work with display tremendous ambition to advance their careers. I remember having that and most of the time don’t miss not having much left anymore… but sometimes I feel envious of these kids starting out.

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Strength. Kindness. Compassion. Understanding.

I wish I could be one of those fearless fighters for truth and justice. I admire them so much. But they are so far out of my league that I might as well be on Neptune.

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I wish I was just a bit less lazy. I feel tired too often throughout the day.

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@dxs Not to take your thunder but that’s exactly what I was going to say.

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Articulation and intelligence. I wish I was really, really smart.

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Being able to meditate properly for an hour or more. A good example would be Ricard Matthieu.

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@Self_Consuming_Cannibal Don’t tell anyone else, but I’m being lazy right now.

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@Self_Consuming_Cannibal Don’t worry your secrets safe with me * Says SCC with a mischievous grin on his face and his fingers crossed *

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@Self_Consuming_Cannibal Well then I’ll just tell everyone that you’re insane because you hold conversations with yourself

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@dxs NO!!! Not that! Now that’s taking it too far. I am not insane and I certainly don’t talk to myself.

He doesn’t have any clue what insane is, I don’t talk to myself and I am certainly not insane. Now let’s say we go on down to the zoo where we can get into a fist fight with a lion and afterwords we’ll celebrate by wrapping ourselves in cellophane and jellyfish tentacles! *SCC says to himself *

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