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If you were on your deathbed right now, this very moment...

Asked by Shippy (9873points) January 27th, 2013

You would say:

“I wish I had done more .............. and less ..............”.

Fill in the blanks. Be serious, be fun, whatever you feel as it is, right now!

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I’d think ” Whew, how perfect is this, dying before I run out of money!” lol

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^^bad girl, slaps your hands, pull that back up straight, start making money by being you

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@Shippy Well you know, dying is a great way to save money! LOL

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More kissing my grandbabies and husband, less hanging out on the internet. Now you have guilted me into signing off and running out to kiss my husband.

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@Judi Glad my Q helped you in some small way loll.

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I wish I had done more fun things and less worrying and fretting.

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@Shippy I am pretty good about not worrying, have confidence things will unfold as they should. Yes, worrying is a waste of energy.

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Make sure you put the dogs out.

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More having faith in myself and less of allowing what people that do not really know me think of me to affect me.

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@TheProfoundPorcupine Yes, but since you are dying others will then only think of you as being dead.
Others opinions do fall away once you are in the grave. lol

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Had Ii known the end was coming right now – I would not have had my prostate removed.
Why bother?

I’d also be sure to empty it a lot more often.

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More partying, and less studying. If I’m going to die before I get my PhD, that is.

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More traveling, less worry about work stuff.

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spending / earning

But since I don’t think I’m on my deathbed, I’m not about to change my ways… yet.

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I’d also be bummed because I would miss seeing “Django Unchained” with my daughter on Tues. She sent me an email this morning saying she is taking me to the movies on Tues. after seeing it last night. Apparently she says she could watch it everyday for the rest of her life, sooo, lets hope she is not on HER deathbed yet either! haha

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More exercising and eating right and less worrying.

I say this as I sit in the doctor’s office because I’m having trouble breathing and I have an irrational fear of lung cancer.

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I’d worry about what’s going to become of my husband if I’m not here.
On the other hand, I’d also feel, “Ah, peace.” I’ve had a good life.

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More living less working.

Fortunately, I have a good balance of that in the present. It’s just that I wasted a lot of time in the past being fanatical about school.

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If I were on my deathbed right now, I would not be indulging in regrets or shoulda coulda wouldas. I would be doing my damnedest to share a few moments with the few people who love me. And if I couldn’t find any of them, I would be trying to appreciate the last few moments of consciousness and how wonderful they were.

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@burntbonez : Beautiful, man :D

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I wish I had made love with more women. I don’t regret any of the sex I had, just the times when I didn’t .

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I would wish I had spent less time focusing on what I thought was wrong with me and more time loving me the way God made me.

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I’d just ask for more pillows.

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More loving and living, less worrying and passiveness.

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And less stupid decisions.

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Urm. I think I would probably tell myself how I should be thinking.

I do that all the time even in critical situations. There is a part of me that realizes this is landmark situation and all the preconceptions of what I should or should not be thinking doing start filtering through. Then I typically blast in with a lets move past this to the real moment which under that pretense actually seems less then genuine. But somehow I can break through and find some realness in the situation.

That being said I have no idea. I should learn more about the authentic me so I can answer that question. But then there is a time when too much self reflection becomes a hinderance to life.

Bottom line transformation is inevitable. I want to simply accept my state o being and live in the moment. Finally finding out what death is like. That only happens in the first person once. It’s an experience all of its own and we all die alone. Hopefully that will be in the forefront of my mind and I won’t have to worry about multitasking.

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Fluthering / drinking

In my defense, when I was drinking (not that it ever escalated to “problem” status, except three or four somewhat memorable nights), Fluther wasn’t around. But I wasted a lot of time drinking socially and responsibly in bars.

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“I wish I had done more time enjoying life with family friends and less at work”.

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I wish I had fucked more men and different ones than some of the ones I did fuck.

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Do me. Now! I want to die while doing it! (Please let me still be able to get it up).

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more joy and less angst

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More laughing
Less pretending

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more drugs
less homework

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No “I wish I had done more/less”, but I would not breathe my last breath before telling my Mr. Amazing how much I love him.

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More giving, less stressing.

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If you mean right now, I would have nothing to say. I’m pretty content.

I recently discovered I have a reputation at work as being too laid back. People think I don’t care about stuff. They’re somewhat correct, as I don’t sit at home and masturbate to the fact that I’m in the navy.

I don’t care about being a Chief, or the regulations or training the future’s next warfighters.

I’m here to work and go home, because I’m not going to be on my deathbed and only be able to recall only military stuff.

That was a little rant, but you get the point.

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@Blackberry “masturbate to the fact that I’m in the Navy” hahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahaha
Thank you for a very enjoyable moment that I’ll die being glad I didn’t miss.

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@Coloma. Love your answer up there.

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Serious answer, from a serious girl: I know I would wish that I had had more moments with the people I love and less just taking care of business. I would want to be surrounded by those I love, but it probably wouldn’t happen, they are always so far away….sigh….

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