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How often do you "check out" other people?

Asked by the_overthinker (1503points) January 27th, 2013

How do you define “check out”? Which of the below is most suitable in your definition?

1) Check out: to look at someone’s features and determine their level of sexual attractiveness and to the extent you would like to “fool around” with them
2) Check out: to determine how attractive one is, and to decide what is their desired features or characteristics.

So, how often do you check people out? Where and when are you most likely to? And what is your definition of “check out”? (Whether it is one of the above definitions, or your own)

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Pretty much always.

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Every time I am out.

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I check out everyone. It’s the human thing to do.

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I check out peoples personality styles and rarely hone in on the physical unless it is out of the ordinary. Extremely attractive or extremely unattractive or something that really stands out.
looks are secondary to charming and humorous and playful.
I don’t care what you look like if you have a radiant personality.

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Yup I check out both unless I am so deep inside my head I can’t be bothered to notice those things. On both levels… I thought it was a single thing. Always on the prowl but I guess not. Besides its almost a multi tasking thing when introduced or meeting someone because then you should remember their features.

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Most of the time when I am out and about.

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I can’t think of times when I am in public that I don’t!

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1) and 2), as long as my eyes are open why not check people out?

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Constantly. Men, women, older, younger, all nationalities. I’m a non-denominational checker outer.

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I’m in complete awe of the current uses of lycra/spandex… unbelievable.

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I check out horses more than people. I live in a big horse zone and I am much more likely to swerve off the road when I am captivated by some lovely stud in a field prancing around. lol

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I saw a whole flock of emus on some land in the Grass Valley vicinity.
We got out of the car to check ‘em out.
One of them came close to giving me a territorial punch in the nose with its beak but I dodged at the last moment.

Goes to show you, you need to be discrete enough not to get a poke in the nose when checking out any species.

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Quite often. Even though I know most of the attractive guys I’m looking at are straight and I would never be able to “fool around” with them.

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Whenever I’m looking at someone I’m assessing their appearance and then I think about what type of person they might be are they single? Why are they looking at me, it’s possibly because I live in a mostly conservative area and I am a 35yr old female with a definitely very short but faux hawked hairstyle which I should add my daughter dyed semi permanent purple lol, and in this area I stand out, even my daughters friends tell her that her mother is a “bad ass”.

So, I might say to myself wow that guy is good looking what if he was a murderer. Or wow that guy is good looking what if he is the sweetest guy alive, is he single, lol.

I’m always trying to figure people out before I get to know them, that is my own trust issues mostly because of my mental illness.

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My God, I love women! It is amazing how much of my brain time goes into thinking about women. When I’m outside on campus, it’s like I’m full on buzz over all the beautiful, sexy women I see. I want them all!

Good thing I hide in my office most of the time. I’d never get anything done otherwise.

It’s kind of pathetic. Like if I’m having lunch outside with a colleague, about seventyfive percent of my brain energy is involved in keeping my head focused on the colleague (unless she is a woman), so I’m not constantly swiveling my head to look. Even then, I’m looking all the time. It’s funny, too. If it’s a guy I’m talking to about my age or younger and turn to look, he automatically turns to look, too. Love it! We’re all crazy!

It used to bother me, but after talking to women on fluther, I have found that it probably doesn’e make me seem any more antidiluvian than they already find me. Might as well stare instead of wasting all that energy trying not to stare. I give up. I love women. I want women. They make me crazy. They always will. I’m just a fucking horndog and that’s all there is to it.

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All the time. Ascertaining who I’d like to be on top ;)

@dabbler: Spandex. It’s a privilege, not a right!

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