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What is your starch of choice?

Asked by bookish1 (13110points) January 27th, 2013

(With all due credit to Shippy, who recently asked What is your regular beverage of choice?)

Many, if not most, cultures’ diets are structured around one or two sources of starch, supplemented by fruits/vegetables and protein.

What kind of starch did you grow up eating? What is your main source of starch now? If that changed, why? Is it still a meal without your starch of choice? Have you foresworn eating starch as part of a diet?

I grew up eating rice and potatoes. I’ve transitioned to more pasta and bread as an adult, but rice and potatoes still have a special place in my heart and sometimes I really crave them.

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I eat mostly pasta for starch. I also like a lot of beans, especially garbanzo beans.

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Potatoes. My family is eastern European and I grew up with very few meals not having potatoes or cabbage incorporated (or both.)

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I like variety. I eat bread and potatoes mostly with some rice and occasional pasta. I eat oatmeal every day.

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Potatoes. I love them baked, diced and fried, twice baked, mashed, in soup, in salads. I’ve never met a potato I didn’t like.

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I actually grew up with rice, but I prefer potatoes. These days I don’t eat any.

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Pasta, bread, and potatoes. Love all three!

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Potato… but I also enjoy rice and pasta.

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I grew up with potatoes. I love pasta now when it’s done right, because I love Italian food.

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Potatoes are our main staple, followed by pasta and rice. I cook many bean dishes, but they aren’t a main ingredient very often.

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My first love was potatoes, then grits or cream of wheat. As I grew up I fell in love with all starches. Maybe not tapoica except I do love the bubbly tea.

Now I am gluten yeast dairy and for the most part corn free I love sweet potatoes, wild rice, quinoa, white rice, pretty much all the starches I can eat except amaranth and buckwheat.

Funny how my taste grew more educated and adventurous shortly before I was diagnosed.
And continued expanding after being cut off from American diet. But how it continually limits me even when it isn’t American.

But I actually don’t eat very many starches any more. My meals are frequently small snacks consisting of one or two food groups. I vary them a lot but my stomach doesn’t handle large amounts of food and I often eat alone so no need for a big fuss.

On occasion I really crave starch and will go through a phase of eating too much of it. I typically gain a pound or two or have lower energy. Although the first day and a half or so I feel great.

Lesson: I need starch but in moderation.

@jonsblond have you tried the purple potatoes? They most certainly have more phytochemicals in them but they are so dense and dry it takes three glasses of water to eat a serving. Or at least the last time I tried them.

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Oh I guess I do still eat enough hummus that it bumps up my starch consumption.

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I almost want to say pure cornstarch, but my more serious answer will probably be potatoes.

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My mother, bless her, wasn’t much of a cook. She tended to reply on simple dishes like spaghetti (we didn’t call it pasta then), mashed potatoes, turnips and other starchy stuff. In those days (the Fifties) I don’t recall my family talking about healthy vs unhealthy food. For example we ate lots of steak (and not the lean kind), barbecue, big desserts every night, waffles and French toast (slatered with granulated sugar and —I wince to say this—strawberry preserves. The subject of starch never came up except when Dad complained about their being too much of it in his white dress shirts. These days I’m watching what I eat very carefully—doctor’s orders—but I occasionally splurge on a ribeye or barbecue.

Excuse me… I have to run to to the nearby rib joint.

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She tended to rely, not reply.

Pachy, you gotta improve your proof-reading!!!

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I’d say pasta and potatoes for me.
I don’t eat much bread at all, maybe a couple pieces a week, a sandwich or toast now and then. I do love pasta and, infact, have a pot of killer sauce, almost ready! :-)
I have a favorite pasta salad recipe I could buckets full of that I make a lot in the summer.

I like rice but don’t make very often. I actually just made brown rice several times last week with some stir fry veggies.
Now potatoes…I adore potatoes of all kinds.
I make home made fries once in a great while but I could LIVE on baked potatoes with various toppings.
I also make a killer potatoe salad.

My biggest bread weaknesses are sour dough bread or a SD baguette with either spinach dip or artichoke. OMG! I could eat the whole thing easily. lol

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Garbanzos (chick peas) are legumes, not starchy vegies, are they not? Just like any hard bean.

I think we ate potatoes and rice and pasta and bread growing up. I know I eat it now. There are more kinds of potatoes these days—purple and red and fingerling and yukon gold and PEI and Kennebec and russets and other white potatoes. We eat them all. There are also all different kinds of sweet potatoes—orange and purple and red and white and another couple of kinds of orange, all with different flavors and levels of starchiness. We’re having three kinds of potatoes tonight. Au gratin, maybe.

I’m boring about pasta. I only like spaghetti and macaroni and lasagna and the kind you stuff. But that’s just shape. I do like pasta made from different kinds of flour. Artichoke flour, semolina, flours with spinach or tomato or spicy stuff mixed in.

Rice comes in so many varieties, too. White, brown, short and medium and long grain, basmati, arborio, red rice (which lowers cholesterol), and hundreds of others I have never tried.

And bread making is another art of its own. So many different grains you can make it out of. So many different ways to bake it.

What was the question?

We try to keep a variety going. I like new stuff. I like different stuff all the time. The kids resist, but it’s too boring to do the same thing all the time. Yeah. Somehow I don’t think I answered the question. Maybe next time.

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I just saw the phrase “cream of wheat” and shuddered a little.

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@glacial does malt o meal float your boat? : P

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@rosehips I’m not sure anything would float on that!

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Potatoes for me, baked or fried or made into potato soup. I also enjoy grits for breakfast.

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@glacial Well it has to be pretty stubborn to sink into it too.. Alternative to floating and sinking?

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If beans are considered to be a starch, then it would have to be beans. I could eat bean burritos 5 days a week, and sometimes do. Last night I had baked beans. I like to put beans in my salad too. And I love chili (vegetarian of course).

I love potatoes, but I rarely eat them, except yesterday, when I found out my mom had brought home a 5 pound bag of red potatoes on the same day that I brought home a 5 pound bag of yellow Yukons. What to do? I made potato salad with the reds, and a huge batch of mashed potatoes with the yellows. We ate some of the mash and froze the rest.

I love baked potatoes, but they end up using up a lot of time and oven energy to cook them. They’re just not the same in the microwave. I love French fries, but I would never make them at home and rarely eat them out, because they’re just so fattening and fried. I love potato soup, but I’m too lazy to make it.

I love Malto Meal, grits and Cream of Wheat, but have had none of those for years. Now I’m craving them all.

I have a rice cooker, but have never used it. Maybe I should bust it out and start.

I was thinking of making spaghetti and chili this week, yum. So good on a cold night.

I eat a lot of tortillas and whole wheat bread for sandwiches.

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@wundayatta No need to be particular. I think that they’re “starchy” enough.

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I like them all and we have them 3 or 4 times a week. I do try to stay with the real original starch such as potatoes or wild rice. The more processed it is the less often I try to have it.

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Poi. I have hankering right now.

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I love potatoes au gratin. I especially enjoy purple and red potatoes in the gratin. But I eat all kinds of starches. Though I don’t think of beans as starches.

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Once when my father took us on a vacation in Bermuda a woman came over and made a cassava pie. It had a pork stew kind of filling inside a kind of raised drum of pastry made out of pounded cassava, which had a mild flavor. It was amaaaazing. Aside from that, I will eat anything starchy. Anything. Give me some and I will eat it. Except not sourdough! Starches are supposed to be as mildly flavored as possible in order to hold onto lots and lots of butter or gravy or sauce and require you to eat wads and slithering loops of it in order to feel you’ve had enough mouthfeel to get through to the next starch-drenched meal.
Did we talk about grits yet?

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If I could only choose one, it would be bread. There are so many varieties, it would never be boring. However, I’m happy I don’t have to choose, because I love pasta and rice and potatoes.

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Brown rice and lentils. And potatoes. I like basmati too. Not that fond of pasta which is odd, I have Italian blood loll.

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As a kid it was mostly bread and potatoes. Now my tastes are much broader and I eat more pasta, rice and noodles instead. Pasta is my favourite.

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I should say pasta, as I am Italian – but I love potatoes in any fashion.

Of course, you can’t go wrong with crusty bread straight out of the oven.

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