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I need a partner/designer to build my website, any suggestions?

Asked by HolographicUniverse (1668points) January 27th, 2013

I am in desperate need of a website designer to create an elaborate webpage that provides the current service I am selling.
We provide Web based therapy for relatively lower prices than physical sessions with the option of a free trial.

I am mildly familiar with E commerce and constructing a webpage but I need a knowledgeable individual to assist in creating a more substantial interface. Do you know of anyone, or you yourself, who are willing to invest a little time and faith?

P.s This post is intentionally short, I will express details and elaborate should you have any questions

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I’m a Yahoo! Store Developer. PM me if you’d like and let me know more about what you are looking for.

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See—you’ll find thousands of web freelancers and I’m sure you’ll get a good offer.

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Well you saved me the trouble of reccomending you and got here before me :)

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My main suggestion is to do extensive research, look at portfolios, compare pricing and do all the due diligence you’d do if you were contracting a home builder for your own abode.

You’ll want a beautiful, intuitive user experience for this kind of thing and the developer you pick will need a variety of skills.

A lot of people use web ‘designer’ and ‘developer’ interchangeably, but it’s harder than you might think to find an expert in both fields. Good luck, and if you want to keep within a budget, I recommend to find your guy.

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PM me your requirements… I’ve been in web design and consulting since Al Gore invented the internet ;-)

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