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I’m drunk as hell. Are there any other “flutherheads” who like to go “fluthering” while they’re drunk as shit?

Asked by Self_Consuming_Cannibal (4259points) January 27th, 2013

Don’t worry you won’t get charged with an FUI. (Fluthering Under the Influence)

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That explains it.

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@gailcalled Would you like to clarify or would you rather just passively-aggressively insult me?

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Would you druther flunk than Fluther drunk? I wood ent.

I end up messed up when I get a flareup of osteoarthritis and have to take oxycodone for the pain and diazepam for the back spasms it causes. A couple of glasses of wine on top of that and I’m typing pure gibberish. Yeah, yeah… I know you’re not supposed to mix em. MYOB.

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Yes there are, just not me.

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@ETpro What does “MYOB” mean?

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@Self_Consuming_Cannibal Most people asking me that would just get told to MYOB, but because I like you and have sympathy for your current state, it’s an acronym for Mind Your Own Business.

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@ETpro Well thanks, but there is no need for sympathizing with my current state, I am enjoying myself.

P.S. I like you too.

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@Self_Consuming_Cannibal Well, Happy Sunday. I’ve got a new bottle of vodka around here. Maybe I’ll try to catch up with you.

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I for one ,am also drunk. I don’t fluther drunk often, usually just high but I drunken fluther every now and then.When I do, typos increase by about 200% :P

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I coined the term flunking eons ago. Just saying.

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I’m not drunk as hell, nor do I ever fluther drunk, just hasn’t happened. But I know of at least two people that do generally, fluther drunk. They haven’t yet showed up to this Q.

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Flunking. Druthering. Druthering flunk.

Yeah, excuses excuses. I never flunk. Not so far, anyway. I suppose it could happen. But you have many others who do. So enjoy yourself. Say any shit you want to. Remember, the mods are your friends and will keep you from sounding totally stupid.

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I get you, man. I totally get you!

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I did that quite often, sometimes still do.

Squishering funkendrunklunk mofooo.

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“Here’s” an example of my performance under the performance inhibiting drugs mentioned above. Petty prethetic, huh?

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I think FUI (Fluthering under the influence) can be really dangerous.
I fluthered after taking an ambien once and don’t even remember what I said but I do remember that the screen looked like a fluffy marshmallow.

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@Judi Ambien is a bridge too far for me, too. Like you, I drift into waking somnolence. I’m really not in conscious control of what I do. I also have rebound drowsiness the next day and problems with short-term memory loss. I put it on my doctor’s list of drug allergies.

But in the above instance, I new what I rote, jest dident spell it sew gud.

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I don’t like it either. I keep it around for those times when my mind won’t stop racing and I must sleep but I maybe take it once or twice a year.

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@Judi I’m not doctor, but I don’t play one on television. So with that disclaimer, ask your doc about diazepam (Valium™). A 5 mg tablet will do wonders to quell the panic pressures of the day and let you drift off to sleep with no adverse side effects.

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I haven’t been drunk in over 40 years, so I’ve never flunked, but I fligh every now and then. ;-)

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I’ve never gotten this, when i’m drunk i’m having far too good a time to come on a piddling little website, great as it is. I’d be out with friends or chillin at home with the missus.
Besides, I wouldn’t have a clue how to log in, “what’s the fuck’s dis den…a phukin baby peeano?”

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I don’t get drunk but I have been slightly high or have had a few beers on occasion, but never so over the top I have any regrets about my sharings. I like to get a little happy on but know my limit. I’m 53 now, if I get drunk it takes days to feel normal again. No thanks.

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You shared your age!!!!! You must be totally blizted!!!! No woman duz that!!!!!!

You foxy thing, you!!!!!

So, do I sound drunk? Do I? Do I?

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I’ve been known to druther. Every time I end up in the chat room I’m druthering. As @zensky has informed me though, this is just standard practice :-p

I suspect that people have very different personal definitions for what “drunk as shit” or even just “drunk” means. If I am drunk as shit, it means that the most I am capable of is to pass out on my sofa 10 minutes into a movie. So no, I’m not going to druther while I’m drunk as shit. 2–4 beers in, however, and druthering is both appealing and possible.

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@wundayatta A little vodka enema goin’ on maybe? lol
I wear my age proudly, shit, really I am 104 but I wear it well.
Tis the age of who gives a fuck. haha

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@bookish1 Yep,me too…2–4 beers is my limit, just enough fuel to launch my rocket but not enough to crash and burn in a residential area. Eject! lol

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I’ve been known to Fluther when I’m tipsy. ;)

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@augustlan : Jelly shot? ;)

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I’ve never been drunk, every time I try it becomes experimental since i’m too aware to let it affect my faculties (the most I get are headaches). Just as well though, i’m the natural equivalent to drunk “as shit”, I have no inhibitions..So if you see an outlandish remark, it’s not the cocaine talking, or the 10 year old scotch, or the peach archangel.. I am an honest asshole

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