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I can't get my jeans to ever fit right?

Asked by cutiepi92 (2252points) January 28th, 2013

It’s quite irritating. I’ll try on a pair of jeans in the store. They’ll fit perfectly or maybe just a tad bit tight (but nothing to worry about). A couple weeks later those same jeans will then be too big and start sagging. Even after washing and drying, I can put them on and a few hours later in the day they will start being loose, especially in the butt area. I know I’m one of the few black girls that doesn’t have an ass lol, but it’s not so non existent to the point where all of my jeans should sag and make me look like I have pancake butt :( I wear a size 27 (or size ¾) in most jeans, with the occasional size 2 mixed in. I’m putting this in general because I really don’t know what the issue is and I want some serious answers. I just want some jeans that fit right because lately I’ve been avoiding them due to saggage. I can’t really go a size smaller because then in the store the size smaller won’t even get up my legs or button. I have to do that weird “chicken walk” to get into the pants so I need some way to get my jeans to not stretch because even trying on the smaller size isn’t possible. I’m not losing any weight so I don’t know what the issue is.

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Have you tried different brands? What fabrics are they made of? Maybe a thicker denim or one without Lycra would fit better? Or conversely, maybe one with Lycra would stay tight better?

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Couple questions:

Are you buying jeans that have a lot of stretch in them?

Are you buying low rise jeans?

All denim will stretch a little, but now it is almost impossible to find 100% cotton denim jeans to make things worse. If they are low rise they are more likey to slip down your hips as they give during the day, and then they are a little loser, plus sliding down. Nightmare.

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Where are you shopping for these jeans? I’m so incredibly picky about my jeans so, when I find a style I like, I buy multiple pairs.

I can’t buy jeans from department stores because they’re low quality and stretch out or shrink way too easily. Right now, I only buy American Eagle jeans (jeggings, hipsters, artist) and I’m very happy with them. I don’t put them in the dryer until they’re air dried in order to keep their color and shape.

Seven jeans are always a good bet, though they’re pretty expensive. You get what you pay for. Gap is also pretty good.

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@livelaughlove21 it’s happened with a bunch of different brands, even my pricier Guess jeans. My others are a range of different ones from Wet Seal to Macy’s (Celebrity Pink). I had some seven jeans ages ago but that was when I was a little bigger so those don’t fit anymore. sigh I suppose I’ll just have to invest again.

@JLeslie you know what? I think it might be because they are all low rise. They do slip down like how you described so that makes sense. It’s just that low rise look the best on me lol so I guess I might have to migrate to midrise. It’s hard to find jeans nowadays that don’t really have stretch unfortunately. I think it might be because I have the opposite problem of most people

@janbb I think the vast majority are like denim (cotton) with a small percentage of spandex.

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@cutiepi92 Thicker weight jeans might help too. Less give in them.

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I really almost asked the same question today, finding the right jeans is so frustrating. I also have a similar issue to you, in that I’m not especially curvy in the backside, and I tend to get a lot of excess material that hangs under my butt (they also tend to get really saggy in the upper thighs). My butt isn’t that flat, but a lot of jeans seem to be cut fuller in the hips and rear and while that works well for a lot of body types, it doesn’t work for mine.
When I try on jeans, first I hold them up and look at the shape of the top of the pants. The pants that fit me best and give me the least fit issues long term look square or almost rectangular. The front where the top button is almost level with the back top when I hold them straight out in front of me. The seat of the crotch doesn’t extend beyond the actual seam.
In curvier cut jeans, you can see the difference just holding it up and looking at it. The back of the jeans will sit quite a bit higher than the front with the top button. (I hope this is making sense.) There is usually a noticeable curve from the waistband down to the leg of the pants.
I’ve had good luck with Old Navy’s jeans, they usually have a good variety of jeans that are straighter through the torso, and they also sell jeans in a good variety of weights. I have heavier, less stretchy jeans from Old Navy that I’ve had for years and have never lost their shape. I really do feel like sturdier jeans hold their shape/size better. Anytime I’ve ever had very lightweight or very stretchy jeans, they seem to morph into a completely different pair of pants after a few wears, though they are more comfortable in general.

ETA pic examples:
Straighter through torso
Curvier through torso

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It’s probably a combination of too much stretch and the low rise. Even in mid-rise, I have a lot of trouble with Old Navy jeans because they fit great in the store (and right out of the dryer), but stretch out very quickly, to the point that they will literally fall down if I’m not careful. No one needs to see that! Eddie Bauer jeans work pretty well for me, but I just can’t afford them anymore.

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@augustlan really? I really feel the opposite about Old Navy’s jeans, but I haven’t bought jeans there in a few years. I hope that doesn’t mean that it’s changed. :(

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How are you washing them? Denim should be hand-washed in cold water and definitey not tumble-dried. (So says my friend who works in a high-end denim store, and owns about 300 pairs of jeans, and was horrified to find out that I put mine in the washing-machine).

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@DigitalBlue Yeah, they used to be better.

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This is exactly why I’ve stopped buying jeans. I’m short so I can never find any that are the short size. Maybe you should consider switching to leggings. I don’t have to worry about finding my size, just small, medium or large. They’re a lot more comfortable than jeans, too, not to mention cheaper.

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If you have a store called Buckle near you I recommend it. Their sales people are well trained, and they have a variety of jeans. They are the more designerish, not Levis. However, Levis also have styles that come up a little more on the tummy, and they have some styles without stretch. Unless that has changed in recent years, Also, Armani Exchange used to have a style for women with fewer curves that wasn’t very low rise. I don’t know what styles they still have.

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Jones New York and J Jill jeans have worked well for me and I have virtually no ass.

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I heard somewhere that you have to wash your jeans every 2 to 3 wears or they will begin to stretch and loose its original fit. So if you are wearing it a week straight and then washing them, it will be too late to recover the shape.
Also if they are stretch jeans, wash in cold water and only air dry in the dryer or hang to dry. Heat will destroy the elastic.
Oh, I just remember. I heard it on Dr. Oz. He was talking about how people make their jeans into fat pants. They stretch them out by wearing them 3 or 4 times before washing and they think they are loosing weight.

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thank you all for your responses!!

@Pandora yeah so that means I’m wearing them too often in between….guess I was always afraid of fading. I’ll wash more often

@janbb thanks for the recommendation

@JLeslie Actually, funnily enough my mom buys jeans from there and they always fit her great. She has a similar shape to me, albeit a bit bigger. I guess I just never did because they’re so expensive O_o but at this point I might need to make the investment

@AshlynM I have a strong STRONG policy against leggings as pants. But that’s another discussion lol

@downtide aww but the washing machine dryer makes mine shrink and fit tighter sometimes lol. But yeah, I’ve heard the same

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@cutiepi92 If you mean Buckle, I get jeans there for anywhere from about $75 to $120. Most of them are closer to $75. Not bad when you consider how long a pair of jeans can last.

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