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Edit Should Republican Tom Tancredo keep his off the cuff commitment to smoke pot in Colorado?

Asked by burntbonez (5197points) January 28th, 2013

According to, former presidential candidate Tom Tancredo made a spur of the moment commitment to smoke pot in Colorado if it was legalized.

But now his grandkids don’t want him to, and he is backing out of his promise.

Aside from the political pageantry, what are the issues here in your opinion. What is the relative value of grand kids vs political commitments vs smoking pot? What’s right? What’s wrong? Where is the balance point?

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I don’t care what anyone does in their private life if it is not effecting their job performance.
The whole marijuana controversy is so passe IMO.
The world is full of functional alcoholics, 4 Martini lunches, coming to work with hangovers that compromise ones productivity but we still harbor this attitude that a little herbal essence makes someone a stupid, good for nothing. I say Bah Humbug, he is an adult and should make his own decisions without being influenced by anyone else.

Personally I could care less if politicians or the president or anyone enjoys a little weed on occasion as long as they are doing their job well.
It’s ridiculous with all the boozers and prescription drug abusers out there that we continue to point our crooked fingers at casual marijuana use.

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I think they should legalize it, tax it, and move on with life. I don’t care who smokes it and what they do for a living to be really honest. President Clinton and Obama have both smoked and seem to be able to run a country, so to me it’s a non-issue.

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Well, if it’s legal, I don’t see how he can get out of the bet without besmirching his own honour. So, he’d better light up, and learn a lesson about betting more than he’s prepared to lose.

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Phhh the day I let my grandkids tell me what to do….that’ll be the day.

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Hah, I just read the part about the grandkids. Does anybody actually believe that? Sounds like he’s looking for someone to blame for the fact that he won’t pay up. Lame.

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Does this mean his grandkids’ opinions will sway his actions in the future? I always knew he was nuts, and this is just the cherry on top!

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Why is this even a big deal, lots of politicians could use a fat toke or two, it’d probably make them a little less awful and insane. Just do it already Tom you puss.

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So do people think the grandkid thing is a fake? He’s just too chicken to take a legal toke? Is that what’s going on?

I don’t know. I think that children can be very persuasive around smoking issues. My siblings and I were merciless in hounding my father to stop smoking. When we went to his office, we would search his desk for smokes and if we found any, we took great delight in dumping them in the trash, after tearing them up.

I think his promise to the political guy to smoke was made in an off-hand moment. I suppose he does believe government has no business telling people what to do, but I also doubt that he really wants to smoke a doobie. So it probably wasn’t hard for his grands to give him some backbone to welsh on his promise.

Love that sentence.

Grands gave him the backbone to welsh on his promise.

What a perfect political sentence.

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Not smart to say it and even dumber to do it. It’s still not legal. Making a public spectacle of breaking federal law is never smart regardless how you feel about marijuana. Even worse for a politician.

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@Jaxk Correction: It is legal in Colorado (from whence Tancredo hails) and the state of Washington. Technically, it’s still illegal federally, but that hasn’t stopped hundreds (if not thousands) of medical marijuana clinics from springing up in Colorado.

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No offense but if it’s illegal federally, it’s illegal. You leave yourself vulnerable to the whims of federal prosecution. Not something I would do especially on TV.

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