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Is the Republican Party acting the victim?

Asked by Strauss (20293points) January 28th, 2013

Paul Ryan has accused Pres. Obama of trying to destroy the Republican Party. Haven’t they been doing that to themselves for the past few years?

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although the republicans have had their share of problems, Obama has helped by blaming everything on them instead of fixing the problems.

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Look up the expression “sour grapes” in the dictionary and you’ll see Paul Ryan’s face.

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Some of the more progressive members of the party are scrambling to undo some of the damage (immigration reform, for example) but I fear the ultra-conservatives will continue to block them at every turn.

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As always.

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Let’s see, there’s rape comments, forced unecessary transvaginal ultrasounds, the defeat of the Violence Against Women Act…..oh, I could go on and on. The Republican party doesn’t need any help making itself hated, they do just fine by themselves.

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They do like to blame others. In itself, that is not really a problem, because it is generally in human nature to not admit faults in oneself, but what makes it a problem with the repubs is the fact that they are constantly harping on about “personal responsibility”, yet they never take any themselves for their actions or policies they advocate.
When they lost the last election, they blamed the liberals for wanting things for free, then they created these conspiracy theories about democratic voter fraud, then they complained about NK not dancing to america’s tune, which was the result of the obama admin cutting foreign aid to NK, a policy they advocate, or when they pointed towards the democrats for opposing bank regulations before the recession, despite the fact that deregulation is what they always advocate.

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Very much so. @DrBill‘s comment is most illustrative of the truth of it as it conveniently omits so many facts like obstructionism and the upsurge in Conservative radicalism, and blames Democrats for the filibustering and extortion. Yet is completely typical of the party these days. So much so that real Conservatives are starting to distance themselves from the GOP.

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Haha… forget the party, Paul Ryan has done his fair share of damage personally.

@filmfann Yes, but as Bill Maher noted this week, he still represents the “crazy party”. The man has performed exorcisms. I mean, really?

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Its the same old song and dance that the minority party does.

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They are doing their best to ‘act as a victim’, but they are the ‘victims’ of their own personal actions (example: the War Against Women, combative against immigration, no taxes for the billionaires, ect.).

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It’s a statement consistent with him calling Democratic voters “takers” and condemning anyone who gets social security as a “taker”, while conveniently forgetting he received social security checks when he was a teenager that he was able to use to get an education.

President Obama doesn’t need to destroy the republican Party, they are doing it on their own.

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Remember when the Party of Personal Responsibly merged with the Party of No as the tea-party came aboard. That gave the current Party of No Personal Responsibility. Add that to the projection that has been a hallmark of Republicans now for decades. While they blatantly try to rig elections, they constantly moan that Democratic voter fraud is the real problem—pay no attention to our gerrymandering, vote suppression and now rigging the electoral college.

As a guy who was a Republican as a youth, it is sad to see how far the once fine party has fallen.

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Same ol’ same ol’.

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