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Does anyone else think the "Can't Find this User on Fluther" page is awesome!

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It may be great, but I hate seeing it because it usually means someone I like is gone.

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Yup. Drawn by our very own @PupnTaco

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It’s pretty cool, but my favorite Fluther drawing is the one of the big scary angry squid clutching a little yellow submarine. (But that one’s a bummer too because it means something is wrong with the server.)
@cookieman: Good to know who drew those. I had been meaning to post a Q about that for a while!

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It’s a little creepy with the little tentacles dangling out of his mouth. Sort of like Jabba the Hut and those critters in the container that he ate. I also like the squid holding the little sub.

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@wundayatta – if it’s any consolation, it was an individual who had asked one question, then got swept away in the tide.

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It is a shame they didn’t commission him for a happy occasion. Lol. ;^)

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You see that guy a lot, I’m afraid.

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Oh, I’m pretty sure we could find @daloon.

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I like breakfast in bed.

when did tedd leave? : (

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Where did @Tedd go!!! I didn’t know he had gone. I think I could find daloon too. I don’t remember Vixen.

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Hoping Tedd is just taking a break.

I love the error page(s) artwork, and am super happy to say that I recommended him for the gig. :)

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@augustlan: Ya got a good eye there lady.

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I like “Server Squid” better. Not the server error itself, but rather the squid that shows up when there is a server error. Server Squid is really awesome, and if you have never seen him, your experience on Fluther simply isn’t complete.

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(Blushing) aw thanks y’all!

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Yes, I love these drawings. Cool to know that another jelly made them. Are there any others other than those two that are out there that I have yet to stumble upon?

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Three cheers for @PupnTaco! The server error squid is so cool that I almost don’t mind when Fluther encounters a problem ;)

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Ok, @bookish1. Let’s not go overboard here. You can see it any time you want, and plus we don’t have to have server problems.

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