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Follow me I'll follow you on tumblr?

Asked by 5inging4life (6points) January 28th, 2013


Got a tumblr not that long ago and I don’t really have any followers haha I don’t know how to get them. So if you follow me, I’ll follow back :)

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That’s called SPAM, so don’t follow me on tumblr and i won’t spam you!

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Wait… no.

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@5inging4life – Welcome to Fluther! I do have a tumble-blog, but it’s reserved for business use… it’s an ideal way to promote my latest site or artwork; just a way to drum up some enthuiasm for my work. It’s more ideal then coding it myself, and less unwieldy as CMS/Blog systems like Wordpress.
P.S. Adding something of value, i.e. your own thoughts/perspectives/what-have-you will garner followers, and you won’t have to “ask” people to follow you.
I’d recommend this book and good luck!
But thanks, but no thanks, I won’t follow you.

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wowwwie sorry guys didn’t realize this was bad haha

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tumble, tumble, tumble, tumble….

I don’t like spam!…. : )

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Flagged. Now go ask a real question before this one is deleted. Oh, and welcome to fluther.

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Well, now you know :)

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No one gives a fuck about your Tumblr or Tumblr in general, do something worthwhile with your time instead of wasting it all.

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