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Could I possibly be dyslexic...without knowing it?

Asked by WinterPoetic (101points) January 28th, 2013

Could I be dyslexic?

I’ve never thought of this but lately I’ve been messing up my words a lot.

I was writing something online and I knew I had to write “Purse Forum” but instead wrote “Furse Porum”...... Then I stopped to think about it and rewrote it while thinking what the heck is going on with me lately?

I also mess up words like, instead of saying “Abominable Snowman” I said “Abdominal Snowman…” Funny I know…. Me and my boyfriend laughed but I don’t know why I said this incorrectly. I don’t know why I said abdominal instead of abominable.

I also can’t remember about grammar or what goes where… I’ve never ever been like this in my life. My spelling is not good, or grammar, and I mix words…

This has been going on for the last 6 months. I am 23 years old and throughout my life have always spelled things correctly and never messed up my words.

I have absolutely no idea why lately I do not know how to spell words, why I mix up words, or why I wrote “Furse Porum” instead of “Purse Forum”......

My spelling has gone down the drain too and I find myself constantly looking up words before I spell them. This really frightens me and is hurting my ego very much.

When I told my boyfriend about the “Purse Forum/Furse Porum” incident he said I might be dyslexic.

I don’t know what to do and feel really concerned. Even 2 years ago I was not this way…. In High School I had a HUGE book collection and had very good public speaking skills…

Can anyone let me know if these are signs of dyslexia? Or perhaps something else? Thank you so much…..

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Also if these are signs of being dyslexic can they be reversed? I’ve never had these grammar or speech issues before in my life.

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I read so many books in High School and I’ve always thought of myself as “highly intelligent”. I’m also very intuitive (something I read online which says that some adults with dyslexia are intuitive???). I love learning about new things – Government, philosophy, politics, art, theater, cinema, religion….. I don’t feel I need “special” classes.. I’m just confused. Please someone help me…. Could it be because I don’t read as much as before??? Or vitamin deficiency ??? I have no clue.

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First of all, dyslexia has nothing to do with intelligence. It is a learning disability but people with dyslexia have the same range of IQs as non-dyslexics. Also, dyslexia is not a late stage on set condition. If you were reading without impairment before, it does not come on all of a sudden.

Your mind is creating spoonerisms, which is different from dyslexia. And you are seeing your mistakes, dyslexics don’t see it without learning specific techniques.

If this is not just a momentary phase because of lifestyle change or stress, then consider being evaluated by a neuro-psychologist who will test you.

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I had a very big vocabulary too and never spelled anything wrong…. Lately now it’s much different. I’m freaking out a little thinking I might be dyslexic… Is it possible to be dyslexic out of nowhere? I’ve never had any signs as a child ever or having anything “wrong” or “different” about my learning skills.

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Dyslexia is a problem recognizing letters. It has nothing to do with speaking or grammar. Also, spelling has nothing to do with intelligence. Many good writers were poor spellers.

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@zenvelo Thank you very much. Sorry I didn’t know that, I’ve never read anything on dyslexics.

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@morphail – I wrote “Furse Porum” instead of “Purse Forum” that’s why my boyfriend suggested I might be dyslexic. Sorry I didn’t know that it has nothing to do with speaking or grammar, I just assumed. Could any of this be possible to stress? I don’t feel stressed out too much lately, but maybe my brain is recognizing it but I’m not?

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It is not possible to suddenly to become dyslexic. The symptoms you are manifesting may be worth discussing with your primary care physician.

Google “dyslexia-symptoms” in order to have accurate information.

@zenvelo gives you very good advice when he says “If this is not just a momentary phase because of lifestyle change or stress, then consider being evaluated by a neuro-physician who will test you.”

You are repeating yourself here; we do understand about the Furse Porum spoonerism and what your boyfriend suggested. Educate yourself about dyslexia.

Never mind. I’ll do it for you. Dyslexia info from the Mayo Clinic.

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@gailcalled I sincerely apologize to you for repeating myself if it bothers you, like I said, this is just freaking me out.

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Stop freaking out and learn exactly what dyslexia is. It is diagnosed as early as pre-kindergarden.

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Could it be because I don’t read as much as before?

^^This could be your problem. Why don’t you find yourself a good book that will get you interested in reading again. See if that helps.

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Read about it first. Pay attention to whether this happens once in a while or all the time. Is it while writing as well as typing?

Lastly, join DAM – Mothers against Dyslexia.

Welcome to fluther kiddo.

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@jonsblond Thanks I will

@zensky It’s been happening lately for the past 5 or 6 months…. It’s only when typing.

Thank you for welcoming me :)

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@WinterPoetic If it’s only recently, and only when typing, it isn’t Dyslexia. It’s a typo.

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I would suggest you see your internist and explain the problem. He may refer you to a specialist who can treat whatever is going on with you. It could be serious. Have it checked out. You know it isn’t like you, so something is going on.

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There was a period of time in my life when that was happening to me. I was constantly reversing the beginning letters of word pairings and had tremendous difficulty at times trying to find the word to what I was clearly thinking at the time.

I also had difficulty focusing my eyes properly.

But all of this was in the aftermath of an accidental fall and a concussion.

Basically my brain pathways were scrambled for a year or so.

Stop freaking out about dyslexia (which is something you are either born with or not) and get yourself to a good Neurologist. The tipoff is that this only started happening around 6 months ago.

SOMETHING is interfering with the communication pathways of your brain. SOMETHING has changed significantly in the way your brain works.

A Neurologist is the specialist who is qualified to investigate exactly what that something might be. That’s who you need to see as soon as possible.

It could be something minor or it could be something very very serious but it DEFINITELY is not Dyslexia.

I taught Elementary school and had kids all through the years with Dyslexia so I’m quite familiar with it and you certainly don’t have it.

You need to find out what is happening in your brain. Please see a Neurologist.

None of us can possibly figure out what your problem is. We can only tell you what it is not. You need someone trained to diagnose problems with brain functioning.

I don’t want to scare you because it could be something quite simple. But it could also be a tumor or other possibilities. But you need to see your regular Dr. to refer you to a Neurologist so you can find out and get back to normal.

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I second what @Buttonstc said.

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I have dyscalculia. It’s kind of like dyslexia, but more with numbers, directions, spatial reasoning… Sometimes I like to do spatial puzzles just to torture myself.

I recently filed my tax return and it was rejected. Told me I had my social security number wrong.

It took me an hour and a half to figure our that I had transposed two of the numbers. For an hour and a half I was reciting it correctly, and reading it incorrectly, and seriously couldn’t tell what the issue was. I felt like a moron, but in all honesty it’s not my fault that my brain doesn’t process numbers normally.

So with that, I agree with above posters that what you have is something unrelated to dyslexia. And I also agree that with any sudden change in brain function, you should see a specialist.

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Hey, don’t freak out, i do it sometimes, usually when I’m busy or in a hurry or distracted. A few weeks ago we’d been running like maniacs all day, then my mom called while I was driving with four people, and I called my friends Wen and Bill instead of Ben and Will, everybody cracked up.

I don’t know how often you’re doing it or if it happens often, but I’d say every once in a great while is no big deal. More often, I’d probably see a neurologist too.

*Additionally, I did have major head trauma at age 4.

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I’ve had a problem like this since I was a kid. I was in a reading class for it and after a while the problem went away. But as I grew up, I didn’t read as often and I left what I learned in those classes behind and began to slip into this problem again. Pretty much what I learned was: read, always read. Be an active reader. Also slow down when speaking. (I also had a speech impediment)

I am not sure if this helps or if you do need a specialist. I certainly do hope it helps.

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Could it be that about 6 months ago (when you first noticed your mistakes), your stress levels went up? Did you start a new job, get promoted, or start trying to impress someone? Did money become an issue while it wasn’t before?
Think about what else happened around the same time. If you pin point something that you think may be causing it, try to rule it out (if possible). If it’s not possible to rule it out, try to convince yourself that this change in your life is what’s causing your brain to just kind of take a vacation at times. Believe me, from what you’ve said on this thread, I know you can convince yourself of something. Try to stay calm and collected in these stressful situations; that might involve doing extra homework to be confident in what you’re talking about, or it might mean breathing exercises. Bring your head back down to earth and get “in the zone”. It might just help with your typos.

If that doesn’t work, keep a journal. To start, just write down what mistakes you make when, and what you’re doing at the time. After a day or two, you might see a trend – you have problems when you’re tired, or just after you eat, or when a certain person is around. You’ll probably know where to go from there. :)

Also, if I’m right, your freaking out about the possibility of being dyslexic is just making it worse. If what started all this was just a few simple mistakes (as it seems from your posts), then you probably just thought yourself into this! I have a feeling that, if you educate yourself on dyslexia, realize that that’s not your problem, and try to decrease stress – boom! – you’ll stop making these mistakes.

This is my theory because I’ve done this to myself many times. The most recent occurrence was when I was convinced I had a brain tumor, when really all I had was a habit to drink water, my wisdom teeth were coming in, and I needed glasses. An unfortunate coincidence in timing. I heard hoofbeats and thought of zebras instead of horses. Sometimes “intellectual” people can get themselves into a mess just by thinking too much.

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Are you sure you aren’t just sleep deprived?

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