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What is going on with Community?

Asked by Unbroken (10690points) January 28th, 2013

Community fans out there?

I miss community. I know there is a fourth season. Why aren’t they airing it?

Is cancellation inevitable?

On a related topic: why are the best shows always cancelled?

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Season premier is Feb. 7th. I’m not sure why we’ve had to wait so long, but at least it is coming back.

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And they will still air the holiday episodes!


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@jonsblond Yay!
@glacial I just signed the petition

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Topics: nazi trampolines? Is that an inside Community joke? I recall an episode where they find a secret garden and a trampoline – but why nazi?

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Because the caretaker of the trampoline turns out to be a racist… Troy and Jeff react with shock and disbelief, then have a series of flashbacks in which it turns out he had said very racist things the whole time, and in one scene had his shirt off, revealing a huge swastika tattoo on his chest.

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@glacial Yes that was a creepier reveal then black hitler.

I think at that moment I kinda saw him as a pedofile, but maybe a molestor would be more appropriate since those involved were adults… sort of.

I should have added a spoiler alert… oops. Maybe in another time line I did.

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@rosehips Yeah, in a series like Community, where so much of the script is not based in reality, I tend to take things like the flashback scenes in that episode as not actually having happened. What I mean is… you have the timeline for the plot of the show, and certain things happened within that timeline, but the flashbacks are a sort of “what if” oneupmanship, that takes the current joke to a ridiculous extreme. The same kind of thing is done on Family Guy, for example. To a certain extent, it’s not useful in a show like Community to try to say definitively “this happened” or “this didn’t happen”, even if we saw it acted out.

And then, there’s also the possibility that all of the contradictions (the guy making racist comments plus no one having noticed it at the time) are part of a delicately folded reality, in which everything did happen, and all of it is relevant to everything that comes after. And in the context of your timeline comment… that’s probably even more true than what I said before. :P

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@glacial I lost my spinning top. Confession time: I am not nor have I ever been a member of the meta party.

As the whole show is a caricature of caricature’s my mind boggles. It was a shared flashback and it was over the top but it was believeably apart of Community as well Community.

Maybe I am simple but I couldn’t seperate out the, pulling numbers out of my butt, 10 min of “reality” out of Inception from the rest of the movie. Side note stolen idea… traced back as far as Disney… shot in the dark… Donald duck..

Honestly, being almost completely ignorant of meta culture, I just find the show, and I will qualify it just to be safe, the biggest laugh out loud show currently playing that I have seen.

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Just thought to clarify. Not a slight to those who are.. Ignore the blind deaf and dumb person wandering around the fringes…

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