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Men who LOVe women are more likely to cheat?

Asked by chelle21689 (6675points) January 28th, 2013 from iPhone

Do you think men who
Constantly keeps porn, watches porn, likes a bunch of half makes girls on Facebook, constantly tries to look for sexy women visuals are likely to cheat?

I feel like in my opinion, a guy that constantly does those type of things will be more likely to cheat on their wife if they didn’t know about it than a guy who is straight, notices attractive women, but isn’t women crazy like some hormonal raged teenager.

Just from my experience.

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I don’t think so, not necessarily. I don’t think it’s that simple.
I know guys like the ones you are describing, who have very healthy sexual appetites, enjoy looking at and interacting with a variety of women, etc, that have never cheated in committed relationships.
I also know guys who fall into the second category that you describe, who have cheated, and it’s usually shocking to everyone when it happens. (Actually, now that I am thinking about it, the majority of the guys I know who are cheaters tend to be the ones you might least expect it from.)

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If its to the point of being an obsession; than yes. Especially if he is in a otherwise sexual healthy relationship but isn’t satisfied. Then his roving eyes can lead him to stop viewing from the sidelines and get involved with someone else.
Like anything in life. Over indulging can lead to addiction.

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Statistically, this just doesn’t work. We don’t allow polygamous marriage. So something pretty close to the same number of men are married as are women. Also, the general population si close to 50/50 male/female. Unless they are secretly gay, married men who cheat on their wives do so with women, no? Thus, roughly the same percentage of cheating is done by married women as married men. My previous wife was, in my eyes, the sexiest female ever to grace the planet Earth. I would never have cheated on her. But she ran off with a guy where she worked. Such is life.

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@ETpro, bitch. Sorry but that just pisses me off. You are still to kind to her. You deserve better.

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@Judi Yeah, maybe it’s just my personal experience that makes me unsympathetic to the claim that men are always the cheaters. But fact is it takes two to tango.

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I actually think it’s the other way, that some guy who is masturbating to porn all the time won’t cheat, his fascination may be because of inability to get a sexual outlet with a woman.

It’s the quiet unsuspecting guy who is stepping out.

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No I don’t think it would mean they are more likely to cheat. A lot of guys I know have hundreds of girl friends on FB, enjoy women and looking at women but are loyal to their partners. It means to me they can be friends with both sexes including females and it shows some sort of healthy mindedness.

Watching tons of porn can lead to a different expectation of their partner and women and the sex experience though.

Porn addiction is a different thing altogether.

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