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Day two of insomnia: will people stop sleeping and ask questions already?

Asked by Unbroken (10690points) January 28th, 2013

This is a website that is international why does the chatter stop when I settle down for bed my cat sprawled belligerently on top of me and I realize once again I can’t sleep.
Obviously this place doesn’t revolve around me. But there is a consistent dead time I have observed from lets say 10pm to at least 3 or 4 Alaska time.

Various schedules and time zones reasonably suggest that this should be a 24 hour site. What factors contribute to the down time?

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Hello there.
Theres always a deadzone on every site, it doesnt matter whether its facebook or this but I get where your coming from I am bored out of my mind because no one is on here and no one wants to talk.

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Most of them are sleeping. There are only a small handful of people in our timezone @megzy. I hope you are fast asleep now @rosehips.

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I’m often awake at this hour!

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You are! How are you @FM? It looks like Rose is snoozing now.

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That is very true and yes @rosehips is probably sound asleep.

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So where in Australia are you Megz? I’m in Brisbane but not paddling thank goodness. We’ve gone from a heatwave, to flooding and now it’s a heatwave again. How’s the weather where you are?

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Here in Cali it’s freezing at night. 38 degrees right now.

I’m good Bella, how are you?

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Great FM. That’s very hot for winter isn’t it?

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I’m usually awake, but I’ve observed the same downtime enough that I think I forget to check Fluther as often in the odd hours of the night.

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38 degrees (Fahrenheit) is cold for Southern California.

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I asked three gimme a break!!

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What’s with the insomnia? Do you know what’s causing it? That would be very worrisome to me, but for me, it would be a symptom of bipolar disorder and it would mean that I was manic, most likely.

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^^ Just now the entire world is going to be bipolar?

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@Shippy What, it isn’t already?

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I did give up on shouting to an empty forum and went for the tried and true method of flipping through old textbooks. It worked.

Insomnia is rare for me because (natural clock versus real world time) I rarely get enough sleep so therefore often fall asleep the minute I sit down.

And if we aren’t all bipolar then we must all be bpd or flip side… an aspie.. ; )

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How are we supposed to ask what this dream about my crush means if we can’t sleep???

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@rosehips So, you’re saying that there’s an opposite pole to bipolar disorder??

And you say you’re not meta. :)

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@bookish1 Meet the imaginarium. The crush interpreting I leave to you.

@glacial I think it would be the same pole but grabbed perfectly in the middle and held parallel to the floor.

Seriously I have no idea what you mean. : ) But that Anne of Green Gables quote was spot on.

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@Shippy Good lord, I hope not. But those who are should get help if they can. Insomnia is a symptom. But it is also a symptom of many other things. Some can be treated by a good fuck, and some by Ambian and some by Lithium. I’m inclined to think that in some cases, the one might have obviated need for the other.

As long as we’re talking about three options on a dipole system.

What? You think it’s an exclusive club? Lemme tell you, honey. One thing I’ve learned is there are a lot of people with bipolar disorder out there. Far more than I ever would have thought.

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@megzybrahh123 Hi I haven’t met you yet. I also haven’t interpreted your last post. But Welcome to Fluther belatedly. And maybe we wil catch each other some too quiet night and you can teach me your secret fake English.

@wundayatta I was going to go a lot farther then that. But I stopped and erased not once but three times.

Not everyone gets my sense of humor and mental health is a serious issue for many people.

I do believe there is a certain amount of overlabeling and overdiagnosing. But I also have experienced and seen enough to know mental illness does exist and I respect the struggle and commitment of those who manage it.

So while I believe humor is healing and bonding and absolutely imperative to serious or painful topics, I will abstain.

Just because nothing is funny unless there is clarity and understanding that everyone is on the same page. So peace and thanks for the referred anxiety.. I know you meant well : )

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@bookish1 How are we supposed to ask what this dream about my crush means if we can’t sleep???

That was funny. Well done.

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