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How much (if you had a price) would it take for you to sleep with someone whom you are not attracted to?

Asked by Self_Consuming_Cannibal (4256points) January 29th, 2013


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Your average paper bag is dirt cheap.

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Assuming I was single, I’d do it for a good cause. If I did it for money, it’d have to be at least 10 grand…maybe more. Enough to make an appreciable difference in my financial situation.

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It would be hard to say without knowing how attractive or unattractive they were. Someone might not be attractive to me, but there are a whole lot of variables still remaining to be discussed.

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Considering I’m married and, well, not a prostitute, I probably wouldn’t.

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@jca Let’s just assume for the sake of the question you didn’t find them attractive or ugly, just plain, with no STD s and good hygiene.

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At this point I’d be glad to pay.

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A fair price.

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Money could not make me perform if I wasn’t attracted to the person. I’ve tried that in the past. I can’t do pity fucks. Doubt if money would make a difference. Even outrageous amounts like twenty or thirty thousand dollars. I guess if it was 100 thousand, I would damn well find a way to get it up, but I hope she at least would be clean.

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Just plain and good hygiene? Reminds me of the line from “What’s New, Pussycat?” :

Michael James: Did you find a job?
Victor Skakapopulis: Yeah, I got something at the striptease. I help the girls dress and undress.
Michael James: Nice job.
Victor Skakapopulis: Twenty francs a week.
Michael James: Not very much.
Victor Skakapopulis: It’s all I can afford.

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@ShippyLOTS ;-)

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I could think of a jelly or two I wouldn’t kick out of bed, even if she didn’t pay.

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As long as they had good hygiene and teeth, I’m down. Maybe even for free. :)

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I’d do @KNOWITALL for a hundred.

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@zensky Dang, must be time for a better profile pic, jeez….lol, all I asked for was clean body and teeth!

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Way back when, I did do just that for $100. Some of the clients were fat and unattractive. It was just a job, and I did it well, making them think they were the sexiest thing alive. So I know I can do it. Right now, I could really use $1,000 to pay some bills, and with inflation, that’s about right.

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@ETpro Wow, a real life gigolo and super smart, I’m diggin on it!!

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@redellbabymomma You think doing it for free gives you a better reputation??

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@redellbabymomma Do you believe that it’s up to men to get it and women to keep it from being gotten?

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People see sex differently though, @redelbabymomma. Some of us don’t associate guilt with sex regardless. It’s fun and free, why not?

For me, it’s the closeness with another person and it’s really the only way to truly KNOW someone on that level. In my 20’s, I had a few experiences, it’s kind of nice not to be all defensive about your body and just accept what happens naturally. Chemistry is what it’s about, not all these rules.

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@KNOWITALL That was well before the appearance of AIDS and antibiotic resistant gonorrhea. These days, making sure you don’t pick up a nasty STD casts the profession in a while different light.

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@ETpro We wouldn’t be practicing safe sex then?

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When I said I’d do her I meant it in the linguistic sense.

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@Shippy If I were a sex worker of any kind today, you bet your sweet, delectable ass I’d practice safe sex. But I actually don’t much like safe sex. I like to ride bareback and going down on a dental dam interests me just slightly more than getting a root canal. I like it sloppy, wet, and full of bodily fluid exchanges. So today, if I were suddenly young enough to have that decision to make, I wouldn’t do what I did back then. I’d stick to doing what I love to do with someone I am fluid bonded with.

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All in all I find this question so interesting. Particularly the price a prostitute would charge. Some of you know, from earlier posts that I know a lot of call girls, escorts whatever you want to call them. I have also got friends in the porn industry.

@ETpro up there said he would charge $1 000. Which here in a 3rd World Country amounts to roughly R8000.00. To earn that here, you would have to do an all nighter. From say 10pm until morning. Or day break. Top call girls here for new clients charge a max and I say maximum of R800.00 per hour. Which is about $100.00. Most of the girls charge R500 to R600 which is $50 to $60. When I say high class call girls or top call girls, I am speaking about women who drive sports cars, look great, well turned out and some were Private School educated. The lower you go as some will go as low as $35, then you are looking at drug addicts etc.,

Most offer bare blows, which is blow without a condom. As most guys will not bother if they do wear a condom for oral.

The porn industry is not fairing that much better. Unless you are very well known, or for some reason you gained a lot of hits over a shorter period of time, in your genre you will be moved up to be more visible. So there your earnings fair a little better. One of my friends has one of the top visited sites, plus does web cam to back up her income. Her site at best pulls in about R50 000 per month which is around $6 500 per month.

It does vary from town to town too. In Johannesburg for example you are guaranteed the $1000 for an all nighter, but in other cities it can drop to about $800.

The UK as a 1st World Country fairs slightly better. Using more of less the same amounts above but for shorter periods. Meaning half hours. There are girls charging heaps more but they get very little work. Then again, some do make a name for themselves and can increase it.

The highest earners are strippers, they can pull up to a million a year. Which is around $800 00. I also do web pages and photographs for escorts, call girls, prostitutes so have quite a good handle on costing.

So it does put things into perspective a little?

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I’m with @augustlan. It would have to seriously help me out.

Perspective schmerspective.

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@Seek_Kolinahr That’s OK, just pointing out you’d basically have to ~work your ass of~

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Seriously. Totally not worth it.

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@Shippy Do the girls who are pros or in porn feel like they have alternatives or is this the easiest way to make money and it is acceptable to them? I know I’m asking for a generalization and they are all different, but any generalizations with whatever qualifications you find necessary would be informative.

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@burntbonez That is a tough question to answer. They are as diverse as any you will find in any occupation. (Unless you are referring to women who work on the streets). I would imagine a lot of those have pimps and are paid substantially less. But I do not know enough to comment on them.

The Porn star I spoke of has a trade, she is a Hairdresser. Another, has been in porn for years she is US based, made many movies and still has to cam to bring in regular income. One of the call girls I know has an incredibly wealthy family and has no need to work. She says she enjoys it. She is a sex addict. (She also wants more money than she already has). Which is a lot. Her crazy expensive car and home is not being paid by her escorting. That is pocket money to her.

The Two strippers I know that are currently still stripping, I feel are not very well educated and have become addicted to the fast money. One did leave for a while but she went back to it. Another, who is now 50 used the money she made to become a fitness trainer. (She supported and educated a family on her stripping money). Today at 50 she could still strip.

One has a degree but chose the job (call girl) for the flexi hours it gave her. I do believe there is a pull towards the industry in a person or not. Or those that try it for a while seem to battle to stop, or are pulled back again. One I did not mention earlier had zero education, and married rich. She has issues. But like I said, all occupations has its fair share of mental disorders, or personality issues. So yeah I’d they are all different. Interestingly all different in ages too, from 25 to 51. There is no price demarcation either in younger girls, or mature women (escorts). In fact younger girls are earning less currently. As there is a liking for mature women. There is also a tendency to go for the natural look now, as opposed to the porn star look. If that makes sense? In porn of course you stick to your genre, and do well in that. The genres are huge. I earned ten times more than most of the call girls I know per hour for less effort and the money was huge. So I just thought I’d say that really some place a higher monetary value on it, when in reality its cheap. As in not expensive to buy sex. Of course to buy that permission is another story.

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@Shippy Thanks for that answer. GA! And I wish I could give you the proverbial 100GA.

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