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Have you checked your coin jar lately?

Asked by Pachy (18597points) January 29th, 2013

Many of us have one, right? Question is, do you ever check it for that one rare coin like this one that could make you rich? Tell us if you’ve ever discovered a rare coin anywhere.

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I’m constantly checking my coins to see if there are any older ones, haven’t had any luck yet.

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Sweet. I’ve never heard of the 1913 Liberty head nickel. Good question!
I check my coins pretty regularly. Mostly to see if there are any from years to which I have some sentimental or historical attachment. Why did they start making those state quarters again?? It’s getting harder to find any quarters from before the 2000s!

The oldest coins I’ve discovered are a 1905 Indian head penny (badly scratched, curses), and a buffalo nickel that is so worn you can’t even find the date.
Oh, I have some old Franc coins before they converted to new Francs under the 5th Republic. I should check if those are of any value.

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I was an active numismatist about 50 years ago.

Although I dreamed of finding a 1909S VDB, 1914D, or 1943 copper penny on my own, the most valuable one that I did find was a 1956 double D south.

Back then, there were enough wheat-backed pennies, indian-head nickels, Mercury-head dimes, and Liberty-standing quarters to arouse my attention.

The last time I saw something of that sort was in the 90’s. My dad had an apparently copper 1943 penny, but it failed the magnet test.

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@Brian1946, re: the 1943 penny test. I’d say you got a most unattractive result.

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I have about $40 in quarters I keep around, but haven’t checked for a rare quarter.
Are there rare quarters? They all look pretty shiney and new to me.

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I wish I hadn’t seen this question. :(

My Gran has a jar, filled with coins she was born in 1901 I think. I recall playing with them, some had Churchill on, some the queen, some looked like the ones on your link.

Oh well :(

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@Shippy, I share your pain. Decades ago, during a personal economic downturn, I sold my coin collection to a pawn shop. Lots of silver dollars and smaller coins that I’m sure are worth good money now. I sold them for peanuts. :( :(

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That was ‘had’ a jar, if she had it she’d be bloody old and I would be bloody rich

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@Shippy, would that we all could be. Finding a valuable coin would be a nice, er, change.

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@Pachyderm_In_The_Room I did the same years ago. I had some rare coins and sold them. One was a hand forged plantation coin from the mid-1800’s. It brought some good money but I hated to part with it. It was a very interesting piece.

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I used to have a coin jar. I rarely have any coins these days. I don’t carry a lot of cash.

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I have a large collection of Liberty Head Nickels. None of mine are worth much. I have been collecting them since I was a small boy. I have one that was gold plated. FYI: Back in the early 1900’s people would gold-plate the Liberty Head nickels and pass them off as $5 gold coins which were about the same size.

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