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Can you read this (pseudo)-Latin verse?

Asked by Strauss (20295points) January 29th, 2013

O Sybilli si ergo,
Fortibus es in ero.
O nobili, demis trux.
Sevatis enim, causen dux.

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M.R. Dux
M.R. Knot
C.M. Bills
L.I. Bee
M.R. Dux

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Also, you posted this back in 2009. ^_^

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—I thought I had, and looked for it! Couldn’t find it! _

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That’s ok. I ask the Vagina question every year. Which reminds me, it’s February so I need to ask it again soon.

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@Judi I like vaginas more than ducks.

And the way I heard it was, can you read this?
MR Ducks
MR Not Ducks
LIB, MR Ducks

Everybody not in on the joke reads “Mister Ducks…”

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Romani Ite Domum!

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Does Sybilli really mean ducks in Latin???? Moi je doute ├ža…

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@bookish1 I believe that the Romans word for duck was anas.

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