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How much do you care?

Asked by tups (6709points) January 29th, 2013

Are you the product of apathy or do you care about every little thing? What do you care about, what do you not care about?

How much do you care?

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The question is vague. Can you give some concrete examples. The “either/or’ is just that.

I don’t quite know what being “the product of apathy” means. It is not the same as feeling apathetic about something.

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I care about the important stuff, and don’t give a damn about the non-important stuff.

What falls into which category? That would take all afternoon.

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It totally depends on the situation. Sometimes I’m completely apathetic and sometimes I care entirely too damn much. It would take me hours to type out what I do and do not care about.

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@gailcalled Well, my intention with this question was for them who wants to answer to interpret it as they will.

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I care about all of it. I care about all the large issues that affect the world or my country or my community. I also believe that the personal is political, and that all the little issues in my personal life are mirrored by larger policy issues in the political arena.

I want to make the world a better place, as best I can. I’ve cared too much about this—no—I’ve taken on too much responsibility for change in the past, or expected to be able to do much more than it was possible for me to do. I’ve been scaling that back, and expecting to be able to do little or nothing. That way, if anything does happen, I can be happier about it, or even feel like my work actually accomplished something.

I care for individuals. I care for societies. I care about morality and justice and pragmatism. I care about my health and the health of others. I care about my family and my community; my neighbors and my family; my friends and colleagues.

Once I had a client who, after working with me for while, turned and said with astonishment in her voice, “You really care, don’t you?” Yes, I do. I actually do. And I act on it. And that is what motivates me to answer questions here, too. I really do care.

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More than I should. I pay attention to the slightest thing and get upset at the drop of a pin. I have realized though that in most cases it is just not worth the energy spent!

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I sometimes care too much about little things I have no control to affect and big things I should take control of.

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I care 298.4359246 ICUs*

* ICU: International Care Unit

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I can’t be arsed.

Mostly can’t be arsed to figure out what you’re asking.

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I was raised to care. Always be involved. It’s always my responsibility to fix it if there’s a problem. It doesn’t matter whose problem it is; it’s mine to help fix if I can. I was raised never to say, “it’s not my job.”

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I care, I care about people who deserve it, as I see it. Sometimes I also care about people who don’t deserve it. But I genuinely care. I wouldn’t care about @Seek_Kolinahr for example.

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I care, but I also realise there are a lot of things wrong I can’t do much about.

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It’s a tough question. I say I care, but I’m not willing or able to do anything about it, so is that a valid statement or not?

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@YARNLADY Every statement is valid here.

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I cannot care too much about world and national political issues that I can’t affect.

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I care about things that affect the world around me. Of course, there’s less I can do about the general population’s issues than my best friends’, so I’m more involved in those, but I care about it all.

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I care about a lot of things but I am not neurotic about anything. I have a few passions but long ago passed carrying the weight of the world on my scrawny little shoulders. Remember Atlas? To do that you must be 4000 feet tall. I’m only 5’3 so I do all I can for a short person. lol

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It is what i am. I listen, i feel, i care.
I have always been a person who cares. It is such a simple thing and a simple gift i can give.
I donate blood and platelettes because i care.
I drive a friend battling cancer into Dana Farber in Boston for their quarterly scans because i care.
I volunteer my time to boards and committees because i care.
I call my family on the phone often because i care.
I take the best possible care of my daughter because i care.
I was a caregiver because i cared.

I am a passionated giver because i care.
I don’t want anything in return because i only do things because i care.
“I don’t care” is not part of my vocabulary.
I will always be a person who cares.

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