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What animal would you love to have as a pet?

Asked by TheProfoundPorcupine (2549points) January 29th, 2013

Most of us will be a dog or cat lover and there will also be some rabbits, fish, and a whole host of other things thrown in for good measure.

However, what would you love to own as a pet if it was at all possible?

For me it would be an orangutan and I blame Clint Eastwood for that in Every Which Way But Loose since I loved that film when I was a kid and I have just enjoyed seeing them ever since.

So what animal would it be and why?

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A chimp (I blame BJ & the Bear) and also a panther (I blame the sexy commercial where the hot chick walked with the panther beside her.) That would be AWESOME!

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I had this thing for geese about 16 years ago and have had a pair for the last 15 years.
I love my geezers!
My exotic pet of choice would be a Vietnamese Water Buffalo. I adore Water Buffalos.

They are also semi-domesticated in asian countires.
I don’t believe in keeping any dangerous exotic animals.
Cruel and selfish on their behalf and dangerous to us.
My neighbors have a pair of Camels.

I like Camels a lot too and also live around a lot of Llamas, Alpacas and Emus over this way.

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A dolphin. I’d need a really big pool though…

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Musk oxen. I would love to run a qiviut fiber farm. Also, one of those Russian tame silver foxes.

I think it’s wrong to keep non-domesticated species as pets.

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I have a cat and that’s enough. But if he would allow another animal in the house and if I could be assured it would never grow beyond the puppy stage, I’d like this little guy

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I’ve always said a tiger when this question pops up. Stroll past the local “tough guys” with their rottweilers…“uh-huh, oh yeah, have some of that!!”

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A giraffe! I think they are really fantastic creatures. So tall and proud and pretty.

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Any manner of large cat. Lion, panther, tiger, leopard, etc… I wants them all, my preciousssss!

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I knew a lady in Florida who kept large geckos (I forget which kind) running free through her house. They took care of any insect intruders. Sounds pretty cool to me.

Mostly though I’d just love to be able to have a cat again. :-(

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I love parakeets. A friend of mine had one that not only talked, but lived in harmony and actually played with their terrier. I’d like a bird like that, but my cat would make it a TV snack.

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I’ve always wanted an octopus. Ive never had the time nor money to keep one properly though so I won’t even attempt until I know I can do it properly in a thriving environmental.

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A cat. Both as a pet and as a romantic partner.

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Rosy boa.

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@Pachyderm_In_The_Room I have two birds, one a cockatiel who’s 13 yrs old and another who is my baby, a six year old green-cheeked conure. My conure is really quite picky but before my old dog was put down, she’d ride on his back around the living room, both quite content, it was so stinkin cute!

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I would kill to have a sloth to cuddle with all the time. I LOVE SLOTHS.

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Yes, @KNOWITALL, that’s just what this parakeet did. He’d follow the dog around on the ground or ride around on the dog’s butt after dive-bombing him. Once i n a while the dog would get irritated and turn around and snap at the bird, but that crazy little bird was fearless, and overall, they got along fine. It was hilarious to watch. I had some video at one time but lost it.

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Yes, @deni, but don’t forget what the Roman poet Horace said:

“You must avoid sloth, that wicked siren.”

Of course, that was a while back (70 B.C.)

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I love my dogs and birds but I wouldn’t mind having a burro to keep the grass down and ride if he feels like moving!

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I want a pantherwolf.

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I can’t believe no one’s said Liger, they’re so gorgeous. You know, Napoleon Dynamite?

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I would love a dog if I didn’t have to walk it.

I would love a horse if someone else could tend to it.

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I want a sloth, I just find their very slow liquid movements so soothing. Reminds me to calm the hell down.

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@Symbeline : my panther dragon.

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A squirrel. I love squirrels to the point of ridiculousness. I’d also like to have a horse. Perhaps a dog, but I don’t have the time to devote to one right now. However since this is imaginary anyway, a squirrel, a horse and a dog. ..and a baby harp seal. ....uh and a dolphin…and a blowfish.

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I’d also love to have a slow loris. I mean just look at it, how could you possibly not instantly love that creature?

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@uberbatman : Oh, I remember that creature… The video of it being tickled saved my life one night O_O

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@uberbatman – omg I want one too!!!! Those eyes are impossible not to fall in love with!

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Sorry to break it to you guys, but keeping a slow loris for a pet is quite cruel. That video of the loris lifting its arms in response to tickling actually shows the passive fear/stress defensive response of the slow loris. This article explains why the animal takes the apparent “tickle-me” stance: “To protect itself the loris often covers its head with both arms. This position allows the loris to take in the toxin produced by a gland on its elbow.” That cute little YouTube loris is stressed, in pain from the lights, and wants to kill her captor – and the popularity of those videos just fuels the illegal pet trade.

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@wildpotato Yea I knew about how cruel it was to keep them, which is why I’d never get one. I didn’t know the tickle thing however. Still looks really cute eating :P

I also want a Pangolin (I know can’t have them either, but come on who doesn’t want a real life Pokemon?)

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A dragon.

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The trick with cats and birds is to get BIG birds. lol
Marwyn will goose a cat in nothing flat.
My two steer clear of him, they will let him walk by within 3–4 feet but all he has to do is give them the evil eye and snake out his neck and poof they are gone. They’ve been goosed before.

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@wildpotato – I have my hands full with a part dingo, a little brown dog, an adorable cockatiel and a neurotic almost naked cockatoo. Oh yeah and a husband, he’s adorable too but also seems to need a lot of looking after! I don’t want anymore dependents in my house. But omg I do love those eyes!

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