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Who hates it when on fluther, people put links instead of direct answers?

Asked by cage (3123points) June 10th, 2008

I really do, except when the person isn’t really capable of explaining their answer, as successfully as the link does.
I just find it so annoying when someone only posts a link. I want to get a simple quick answer, not read a whole article on the thing!
Pointless lurve making, this isn’t digg people!

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It is easier to read then it is to type.

So we should read, parse, and write a response so you don’t have to read?

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but the article will get you the best answer, we all know that information is interpreted differently, so the best way to get it to someone is just make a 1:1 copy, so just link it

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I love it when people post links!! I’ve discovered so many interesting, funny, weird, even disturbing things that way.
Besides, if you’re sourcing your answer directly from somewhere else, I think it’s just good backup of your argument to include the link – I’ve sometimes refrained from answering questions because I couldn’t find a link to the source of my answer.

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@ iwamoto
I guess that’s what I meant by how the link can explain it better than the person themselves.

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I used to just link.

But, then realized that it’s one thing to point someone in the right direction, and another to provide an answer with reference.

Sometimes, I slip into the old way of doing it, but I’m working on giving Answers with references, not just links.

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I know man, those people are lazy..they make us point and then click and then have to read what WE wanted to know.. its terrible

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Indeed it does anoy one.

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My bête noire would be those who answer something using an authoritative voice when in fact, it’s just little more than personal opinion, and ill-informed at that. Hence why I, and many others, very much rely on links to substantiate our Answers.

Given the choice, I’d accept the lonely little link over unsubstantiated opinion… and not complain a whit.

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I think we can all agree after this amazingly short but involved discussion, the best answer possible would be a brief description, with a link for more detail?

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@cage, in general yes, I agree… but I can see where others might not feel it’s worth going to the trouble.

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Are you kidding? I love the links! When I ask a question it is because I am curious and want to learn more. Links are welcome on my questions.

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Not at all. Sometimes the links can be rather informative, if somewhat overloaded with information every once in a while. Some questions can be simply answered but the providing more indepth information via link means that if the person is interested they can look further into the matter.

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Well, in general, I agree that it is best to at minimum describe the link. I for one try to elaborate and support my statements (as robmandu said) since too many times I’ve seen people state things that are flat out wrong. The conspicuous absence of supporting information is a telltale sign. That said, sometimes a question really is best answered by a solitary link.

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I will usually paraphrase whatever the link says in my answer but also have some of the words linked so if you want to read more about it you can, if not you can just read my answer.

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A lot of people seem to be saying that they can use links to look further into things.
Well I have to ask those people, why didn’t you just google it? You’ll get the same results. and I bet that that’s what quite a lot of people who “answer” these questions by posting links do!
“I ask people on fluther so they can link me to stuff” = lazy.

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How do you google something if you don’t know the correct terms to find it?

I’ve seen several questions where someone describes part of a movie and someone answers with a link to imdb or wikipedia; not easy to google, easy to get help with on fluther, a link is a sufficient answer.

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Ok fair point cage. Look at how many questions I’ve asked ;)

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@cage, I agree.

It is sometimes frustrating when people only post a link with no explaination. I understand if they don’t want to write out an entire novel, but it’s nice when they post at least a little description, then the link.

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The way I see it, it is people helping me even though they don’t have to and even though they don’t get anything for it (but the possibility of some lurve), so I’m grateful for whatever answers I get.

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I’m sure this has been said, but for me; I like when people write their own response and then provide a few examples to either clarify their ideas or introduce further reading materials.

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One aspect I don’t see in this discusssion is that not all questions are completely clear. Not everyone gives good context for the question. When you provide a link, it allows the person to look at lengthier source material in case they need more information.

I try now to put at least an excerpt of what I think is the key data with my links.

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should we all just copy and paste the information that you want?!? That should be fun to scroll….

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@cheeb: no, just write an original answer in your own words… :)

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Sometimes I don’t know the answer to the question, but if I think I can help by finding the answer on the internet and giving the person the direct link to the answer, or if the answer isnt too long I will just copy and paste the info for them, I will.
I think its really shitty for someone to say that they hate when people give links in their answers. Some people spend a lot of time looking for an answer to a question because they want to help, and your going to complain about it?....... go find your own f-ing answers, don’t ask us.

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I think the point is not whether people include helpful links in their answers, but whether some answers are just a pasted link, without any accompanying text or description.

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anyone who has read the question should be able to figure out where the link might lead to, right? assuming someone isn’t just posting a random link for kicks.

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@cheebdragon – I so thought that would lead somewhere else :)

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I usually create a link when the answer is 1. an obvious google search or 2. clearly been answered in a thread before or 3. too voluminous to post.

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I always post a summary, and then a source link.

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I don’t mind them. You can decide to click the link or not, depending on if you are interested. Sometimes I do, sometimes I don’t.

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. I want to get a simple quick answer, not read a whole article on the thing!

Isn’t that asking us to do the work for you? I do the same thing syz does, and for the same resons.

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Yes it asking you do to the work for me. that’s why I ask questions on fluther!!! You ask questions so people who are willing to answer, or find out an answer for you can give you a good precise answer.

Yes I am asking you to d the work for me. That’s what fluther is for.

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My response is to reiterate what johnpowell said earlier..

So we should read, parse, and write a response so you don’t have to read? I’m sorry, but I think you and I have different ideas of what Fluther is for.

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It’s better than nothing, that’s for sure.

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