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How aware are you that there is war brewing between China and Japan?

Asked by Rarebear (25017points) January 29th, 2013

The rhetoric over this dispute has been escalating and an article in The Economist warns that if the two powers come to blows that the U.S. could be pulled into the dispute. There is a small but real chance that this could result in a Sino-American war.

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At my house, if my 2 kids can’t agree on who gets any certain object, it becomes MINE! If Japan and China argue too much, we should just take the island esp. if we are going to get pulled into the conflict.

OTOH, it seems to be an island with just rocks and trees, and we don’t have the money to go invade.

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Right. That’s why it’s so goddamned stupid.

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The value is the territorial waters around those rocks – and the oil and gas locked beneath them.

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Its about as likely as a second British-Argentinian War.

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Japan will eventually cede the islands through diplomacy. Anyway, the only way the US could afford a shooting war with China would be to borrow the money…from China. Oops.

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I’m pretty sure the relative peace between the two in the last century has been a rare reprieve, considering the last 3000+ years.

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Very. Taiwan joined as well. Not good.

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It will be fine, no war.

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….until one of them starts drilling and discovers natural gas. Then watch out.

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