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Anyone experience this issue from using Nook Tablet?

Asked by redhen4 (520points) January 29th, 2013

I suppose it could be any tablet or e-reader. I’ve only had experience with the Nook Tablet.

I read a lot, sometimes just 20–30 minutes, sometimes hours. After I turn it off, and try looking elsewhere or reading elsewhere, I have trouble seeing, like my eyes are out of focus.

I’ve had this before when reading the computer or something close then try and focus on something farther away. Likewise with street signs too.

I know I need new glasses, its been 2 years, but even so.

Just thought I’d ask.

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That is common amongst anybody who looks at almost any computer screen for any length of time. As computers have become more ubiquitous, so has nearsightedness.

Getting older makes it worse. Twenty years ago, I had good eyes. Ten years ago, I couldn’t see 20 feet without glasses. Now, anything over a foot away is blurry without glasses.

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Absolutely normal. Your eyes are having to-adjust to type and images of different sizes from the tablet, different pixel density, and different lighting. It’s a wonder we computer/e-reader/tablet users aren’t all blind as bats.

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@jerv I hear you. I’m 55, wearing glasses since 3rd grade. At 40, that “magic” number, my sight changed and has been doing so ever since. I went from regular to bi-focal to tri-focal or progressives in the last 10 years.

I tend to read without my glasses on when I can. I like the fact the e-reader you can change the font size. I worry in another 5 years I’ll have to have it so large only one word fits on a page!

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With your nook try reading in an area where you can have the backlight turned down but not have to strain your eyes to read it. I’ve found when I do this it doesnt seem to strain my eyes nearly as much as when I have the backlight on full.

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@uberbatman Good point. I have to keep my backlight low so that I don’t squint to combat the glare. Saves battery life too!

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@uberbatman I’ve done that! Usually in the middle of the night when I don’t want to read words backlighted with the sunlight! Seriously, I turn it low and/or change the color.
It is so cool to be able to read without the lights on!

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@redhen4 I also forgot to mention I find the dark grey background with white text to be the easiest on the eyes.

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Eye strain it occurs as you get older, try doing some exercises yes for your eyes. Take breaks. Get new glasses. Clean the screen of your device. Don’t read in the dark or at extreme angles.

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