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What currency has the highest value?

Asked by heyimlyn (25points) January 29th, 2013

Pounds? Dollars?

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If the markets work right, they are all worth exactly the same. They are just different length measuring sticks for the same thing.

If you use a yard stick and a foot stick to measure something, do you say the yard stick measures things more because it is longer? No. All you have to do is attach three foot sticks together, and you get a yard stick.

You attach 3.5 dollars together to get a Kuwaiti Dinar. Wow. One Kuwaiti Dinar and $3.50 will both buy you a cup of coffee at Starbucks. Maybe even a latte.

But hang on there. What if a latte in Starbucks costs 3 Kuwaiti Dinar, but a latte in the US costs $3.50. Which drink would you rather buy?

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Although the Kuwaiti Dinar converts to about US$3.50, this currency is useless outside of Kuwait… For the longest time, the world’s economies have relied on a handful of currencies as the benchmark of foreign trade…among them are the US$, British Pound and of late, the EU$.

The answer to OP’s face value question is definitely Kuwaiti Dinar…However, I don’t exactly understand the reasoning behind this question. . .Perhaps an understanding of how much you earn and spend a particular currency would shed more relevance to the value of the currency.

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