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Would this slim my belly?

Asked by Eggie (5591points) January 29th, 2013

I have put on a little weight and I have gotten a small paunch. I have decided that I would eat soups at lunch time, mainly Chinese vegetable soup. Is this an effective strategy?

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Be careful of the salt content. Salt contributes to water retention.
I hope you meant paunch.

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You’re only discussing lunch… what about the other meals of the day? You need to take all meals into consideration that is appropriate for your health condition and daily activity. Consult a nutritionist or dietitian if you really need to seriously undertake a weight loss program.

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A watery soup is unlikely to offer you sufficient calories. As I recall you are a teenager and so you are probably still growing. Just moderate your consumption of bread, potatoes and pasta and other vegies for a while. Go for a walk each day. Eat small, healthy meals regularly. If you are still growing in a few weeks/months it’s likely your body will have slimmed down again naturally if you are eating healthy food and getting sufficient exercise.

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Everything counts. It really depends on how many less calories you are eating per day.
If you used to have a 1000 calorie lunch and now you are having a 400 calorie lunch and you aren’t adding more caliries somewhere else it should help.

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Most soups have a very high sodium content. Very salty foods retain water and lead to bloating.

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It’s impossible to target a specific body part losing weight.

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@mattbrowne is correct. In order to lose weight in one body part you must lower your total body fat.

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