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If you could give yourself a score for overall contribution to civilization what would it be? (details inside)

Asked by talljasperman (21739points) January 29th, 2013

Example all the taxes paid in a life time, or amount of laughter brought into the world. What would your criteria be to score yourself?

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What is the range?
1–5: <1
1–10: <1
1–50: <1
1–100: <1
1–1000: <1
(I’m working on changing that.)

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I’ve been raised to make the world a better place. I’ve worked my whole life to do that. I’ve succeeded in getting nothing accomplished. The major thing I worked for for about twenty years was single payer health reform. Obviously we’re as far from that as ever.

My first fight was for the ERA. That never passed. My next fight was to stop big oil. We wanted to start a government run oil company to compete with regular oil companies and try to keep them honest. That never passed. There were other parts of the platform that I no longer agree with, which also never passed.

I did fight to get Medicaid restored for legal immigrants in New York State. That was one victory. I worked hard on several elections, and won one and lost the rest. I worked less hard on a number of other campaigns (which is to say, hardly at all) and in many of those cases, my person won.

So, out of what I’ve tried to accomplish in life, I’d say I’ve accomplished less than 1%. I have no idea how that compares to others. It depends on the scope of what they’ve tried and what they’ve accomplished. I could measure myself on other areas, like family, children, relationships and artistic work, but those don’t count for much in the public sphere. No one really cares besides me.

So I’m going with less than 1%.

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Oh, I don’t kid myself. I know what would really make an impact and I’ve always wanted to make more of a contribution to society by doing something more altruistic. I’m pretty hard on myself. I haven’t even attempted one ounce of what @wundayatta mentions. I am an introverted person not comfortable in the spotlight. I try to make my contribution by simply treating all people I meet with respect and consideration. I try to be kind. I also try to make some joy for others by my creative efforts in designing. I like to think that my designs throughout the years have given certain individuals happiness in some special moment.It’s not much, but it’s all I got. I can’t even give you a percentage. If @wundayatta is at less than 1% I must be about ¼%.
I care about the environment and hate waste. Ralph Nader is my hero. It’s just hard to think of how to make an impact when you are busy just keeping your head above water.

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I can’t write music, but if I had to score my life I’d say, maybe Dvorak’s New World Symphony.

That was what you meant, wasn’t it?

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.000012011%. Although I may be off a point or two.
(I may be off in more ways than one)

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Miniscule. Not because of a lack of concern or effort but I am one person and I don’t have a lot of broad influence. I think I influence individuals on a pretty regular basis to make more of their own lives or to keep working towards their goals. That’s a big positive for me (and hopefully them) and something I love to do.

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