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Is it OK for a background pianist to use sheet music?

Asked by Jillysback (95points) January 29th, 2013

I can easily sit and play piano for hours, and people have told me I should play at parties or restaurants for ambience, however I need the sheet music…I have a very hard time memorizing anything. Would this be acceptable?

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Why not? You’re not giving a recital or performing in a concert hall. Go for it.

The only difficulty might be not being able to play requests.

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It doesn’t bother me, but make sure that you are confident enough in the music to not completely rely on the sheet music. I have to say, however, that improvisation works really well for background piano, since you are not the main focus in the room or setting.

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Absolutely. Many background pianists use music. Others have been playing so long they know everything. But don’t worry about it. That should not stop you from getting a gig.

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Seems fine to me. It’s better if you have it in front of you so in case you forget some notes, you’re not fumbling around on the keys.

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Totally acceptable in my book. I’ve seen pros at Carnegie Hall bring sheet music on rare occasion – although that’s usually for something madly complicated or ensemble pieces that are outside their core repertoire.
For a casual entertainer a big book makes sense. You could get a request for something you haven’t played in a Loooong time and if having the sheets with you makes it possible then, perfecto!

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