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How do i drill a 2 inch wide hole 1inch deep pit (kind of like a small bowl) in wood?

Asked by ton (11points) January 29th, 2013

i need to drill a 2 inch hole thats 1 inch deep. concave kind of like a small bowl.

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I’d drill the hole with a Forstner bit. Then use a rasp drill bit to contour the bottom. The rasp comes in other shapes also.

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I was going to suggest the Forstner bit, too, but you want to be careful not to drill the full 1” deep with it, because it’s going to be more or less flat-bottomed, with a small pilot hole in the center. So some practice is definitely called for.

There are also stepped drill bits available that might make a kind of stepped cup shape (not really broad enough to be characterized as a “bowl” shape).

You might want to consider a router with the specific moulding cutter that could create the bowl shape you want.

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i would need i to be consistent. im doing around 50 holes. what router bit would you suggest? ill look into stepped drill bits as well

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Both suggestions above sound good to me.

What are you making, I am intrigued???

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What you’re describing is an unusual use for a router bit. You might me able to modify this router cove bit by removing the guide bearing. The biggest one I’ve found is only 1.5 inches diameter. I’d love to hear what you figure out.

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