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What are some music and songs that are automatic turn-offs for you?

Asked by Pachy (18567points) January 30th, 2013

Since we’ve shared some songs we love, what are some old or new ones you almost break a finger shutting off when they come on the radio or player (see article)? Me, I love most of the traditional holiday stuff but boy, am I ever sick of “Rocking Around the Chistmas Tree.” Fifty-five years of” Brenda Lee is enough already!

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Anything by Bob Dylan when he does the scratchy mumble voice, anything that includes rap, Barry White and “Dominic the Christmas Donkey.”

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rap, country music and modern pop music.

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Pretty much all rap music. Not a huge fan of zydeco. And I’ve really gotta be in the mood for opera.

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Single Ladies by Beyonce is quite simply the worst song I have ever heard.
Beez in The Trap sounds like some sort of parody of a bad song but the sad reality is that it’s a real ‘song’ (and has 9,000 likes on YouTube…faith in humanity has promptly been lost.)

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Anything Abba.

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Rap and anyone who plays the bass so loud the car windows vibrate. The boyz do it because they say it “gets the Hos”
Why on earth would a female consider getting into such a car?

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My husband wants to scream and can’t turn the radio off quick enough if “The Lion Sleeps Tonight” comes on the radio. It’s almost funny. When the kids were little they weren’t allowed to sing it in the car. He goes crazy.
@Bellatrix, I didn’t know what I was getting into when I went to see Mama Mia. I almost walked out. Learned that night that I can’t stand Abba.

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LOL, @Judi. Tell your husband that makes two of us!

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Anything by the generation of female singers whom I refer to as “The Screaming Spawn of Streisand.”

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Anything by Nikki Minaj or Justin Bieber. And gangsta rap.

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- Most rap music
– Anything by KISS (thanks Dad!)
– Any music where people are screaming (metal, emo, grunge)
– Christmas music

There are plenty of individual songs, but I can’t think of any for now.

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Almost all rap music and jazz.

ABBA?! Can’t stand ABBA?! How can it be? I love ABBA. And, some of my favorite jellies too. Dissappointing.

When I was little I loved the Lion Sleeps Tonight. There was a large park near where we lived, and in the summer they would have events there. They used to do a hand puppet show for the kids and one of the skits was a lion and some other animals and they played that song.

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Top 40s, excepting Gaga and Adele.

There’s also music that’s just too sad to listen to. If Dust in the Wind comes on the radio I have to turn it off even though I love the song, because otherwise I’ll be sobbing and swerving all over the road in short order.

I am surprised so many of you guys hate rap music. It’s an enormous genre with lots of internal differentiation – maybe you just haven’t heard a song you like yet? I have an experiment for those of you willing to try: here is the best rap song I know: ”Liberation”: by Outkast. Did you hate it?

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Any music unsuitable for the √úbermensch (e.g. The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Nirvana, Pink Floyd, etc)

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In the jungle
The mighty jungle

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@JLeslie , I really want to like Jazz. I like the sleazy sound of the sax but it ends up grating on my nerves. I want music I can sing along with

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The National Anthem by Beyonce, live or pre-recorded!

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Anything by Andrew Lloyd-Weber.

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No, I like a little bit of everything and if at first I don’t like it, I force myself to listen to more and try to find what the musicians are ‘saying’. I love music a LOT.

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Most country music. Anything really repetitive or that is too simple, musically. Dissonance, if I am not in the mood for it. I don’t like being assaulted musically, and most of these examples feel like I’m being attacked.

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@wundayatta Country music makes you feel assaulted? It used to make me depressed as a teen, but I grew into it…no choice around here really though.

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I hate The Power of Love by Frankie Goes to Hollywood. Hate, hate, hate.

I just don’t get jazz either. It seems sophisticated to enjoy it but I just can’t.

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The horn sound in Thrift Shop is enough to make me cringe…grrr

And this song just straight up bugs me

Gangam Style

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I remember the first time I heard “You are a Magnet and I am Steel” in the ‘70’s or early ‘80’s. I thought it was the stupidest lyrics I had ever heard then it became a big hit and was on the radio every hour. It drove me crazy. What year was that??

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Heavy Metal is less interesting that an engine.

The “music” aspect of most country/western music is terrible to my ears.
Sometimes, however, the lyrics are thoughtful or just plain funny, so occasionally a tune will redeem itself.

Some of the Dylan where he’s mumbling is hard to stomach, he’s done some good work in his day, but he’s also gotten away with some really awful stuff since a lot of fans will eat up anything he puts out.

Abba is fun for, like, ten seconds. Then STFU !! It is so freakin’ noisy and generally meaningless.

Most rap is infuriating, either just stupid or misogynist. But some of those guys get a good message going and don’t put too much noise behind it. Some of them are as politically important now as Dylan was in his pre-electric days.

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@KNOWITALL Yes, country music is an assault, and unlike @nofurbelowsbatgirl, I love Gangnam Style! Greatest protest song of our era. All the more great because few people seem to get it.

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Cunt-ry music, puke inducing ballads, shallow, empty, devoid of any talent pop muzak.

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Seasons in the Sun.

Honey (see the tree) – Bobby Goldsboro

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Rap, heavy metal, Elvis Presley, Chinese opera and frantic jazz.

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Barbie Girl will have me headed for the door.

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I love jazz so much it’s just a surprise to me to see it on this list.
I don’t like rap, I can’t see why it’s called music.

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The Singing Nun

Achy breaky heart

@JLeslie, sorry about Abba. There was a programme on TV last night about their beginnings. I may not like them but Australia did give them to the world. After winning the Eurovision song contest they were pretty much dead in the water and then they came to the attention of Molly Meldrum as content for a new TV programme here called Countdown. So, Australia has much to answer for!

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My two biggest hates are (in order): pretty much all music past about 2002, country music. I am not big on secular Christmas songs either.

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Anything by Celine Dion. ugh. she makes my ears hurt

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@jonsblond LOL, your heart doesn’t want to go on?

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Ha! I remembered another person whose music is on automatic off: Bruce Springsteen.

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That Kid Rock song that rips off Werewolves of London. I change stations as soon as I realise it’s his version. All summer long. Ick.

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Gotye and all its parodies.

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Anything Kid Rock tries to rip off interpret tribute (yeah, I’ll go with the first) rip off.

—@Bellatrix He starts with Werewolves of London (I think it is actually sampled rather than played) and then segues into Sweet Home Alabama. the two songs just happen to have similar chord progressions and rhythms, so he just mashes them together, instead of writing music for his own (lame) lyrics.

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@Pachyderm_In_The_Room ” Fifty-five years of Brenda Lee is enough already!”

Going through my collection of old 78’s, I came across an original copy of The Singing Dogs! I wish I could have capture the look on my dog’s face when she heard it!

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^^^ On the contrary. I love that. May it be preserved forever.

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“Anything by Celine Dion. ugh. she makes my ears hurt.

@jonsblond, that makes four ears!

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@zenvelo, I kind of agree about klezmer. But do yourself a favor and watch the movie Dummy. There’s a hilarious character in it who plays her version of heavy metal klezmer!

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Uh-oh, somebody on here doesn’t like Elvis. Late Elvis, I agree. Early Elvis (like early Sinatra) makes my ears smile.

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@jonsblond, by the way, Celine is the one truest screaming spawn of Babs Streisand.

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