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Is this true about becoming a particle physicist?

Asked by Daniel011 (77points) January 30th, 2013

Is it true that it is just as hard to become a particle physicist as it is to become a rockstar or A-list Hollywood actor/actress?

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I truly hope it’s much harder (to be a particle physicist).

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I’d venture a guess that it would be easier to be a particle physicist turned rock star than the other way around. haha
Of course, most particle physicists are going to be brainiac types, with strings of complex mathematics dancing like sugar plums in their dreams.
I doubt there would be many jumpin’ jack flash Mick Jagger scientist types.
Most scientists aren’t known for their charisma. lol

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Technically yes

But that doesn’t take into account that particle physics may be as easy for some as acting is to others… Both professions rely heavily on two separate tools.

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To become a ‘star’ in any profession you must have an outstanding skill/talent that you have honed to near perfection. This means studying and practicing one’s craft constantly. I think that there are far more particle physicists than there are performers in all venues combined. While unlikely to lead to fame and fortune, physics is interesting work that pays well. However, among other abilities, it does require above average intelligence, more so than most other professions require.

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@Coloma I can think of one pop star turned particle physicist (Brian Cox) but no particle physicists turned pop star…

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