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Have you added a catchphrase to your vocabulary that has originated from a show or movie?

Asked by syz (35506points) January 30th, 2013

I started reading about 30 Rock catchphrases and realized that I still use frak and shiny.

What about you?

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For a while I was using two from “Office Space” ...

“Sounds like someone has a case of the Mondays” and “Whaaaaat’s happening?”

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@syz Funny, I thought this was where you were going with that.

From the same show, I tend to say “Oy with the poodles already” and… well, soooo many others.

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It’s completely baked.

One of my favorites from the Graduate. But I don’t know of other people using it.

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Let me wet my beak a little, or the variation “Just enough to wet my beak” which originated from the Godfather.

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Heck yes I have! and a bunch more from Napolean Dynamite. That part went SMOOOOTHLY! and others from Invader Zim. What a fun question!

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I still use the Bill Murray line from Ghostbusters when something shocking happens: “Mother Puss Bucket…”

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^^ LMAO! I use that one too!

Often, when I’m driving and have to make a fast turn, I tell my kids, “Hold on to your butts!” It’s from Jurassic Park.

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Bored now. I got that from BTVS. I’m not saying this question is boring. It’s more about how it’s said and not the words.

I quote lots of movies.

I also still say Pasadena in the way Steve Martin does in LA Story.

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@tinyfaery I love LA Story! I haven’t seen that in years; thanks for reminding me of it.

Actually, that reminds me that I tend to say the phrase “back in bowl” this way (from All in Me) occasionally when I’m baking. :)

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One of my favorite movies. I think I can recite the whole movie.

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