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Do you question your answers?

Asked by Pachy (18567points) January 30th, 2013

When you answer a question on Fluther and later check back to see how others have answered, do you ever find yourself wishing you’d said something they said, even if it completely conflicts with your original opinion? Do you add a new comment or just move on? Have others’ comments ever been forceful enough to change your opinions or even long-held beliefs about particular topics?

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We have some smart people here, so there’s always an occasion to learn from the posts. Whether I’d ever admit or not is a seperate story- lol

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Once in a while I realize that I am seeing things decidedly different from other people, or missed part of the original question because I was interrupted and missed something critical. But no, most times I stand by original answer. If I was dead ass wrong, I will admit it.

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No, never…it is what it is, spontaneous, instinctive responses, take it or leave it.

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It’s possible. Can’t think of an instance when it happened. But give me a chance. I haven’t been here very long. Less than two months.

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I don’t remember ever changing my opinion about something, but there have definitely been times when someone has made a comment which allowed me to understand a different point of view, which I might not have before. I still might disagree with that opinion, but I at least have come away understanding their rationale.

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Not usually, I will self correct or reply again to clarify or refute my oversight if needed, based on realizing I skipped over an important fact that might alter my answer.
What I really hate is when it’s too late to edit.

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I often admire what others have to say and wish I’d posted something similar. I typically don’t respond to the questions where strong “arguments” are presented, so there would not be much occasion to persuade me to change a view. My shortcoming here (if one can have a shortcoming on a voluntary anonymous site) is that I might not put enough consideration into the complexity of a question being posed. I provide my quick reaction to my quick read. Later, as I read more thoughtful responses, I wish I’d been more considerate. That sometimes prompts a follow-up, but usually not.

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I don’t wish I had said something someone else said but I do read other people’s posts. One of the things I like is that on occasions people will present quite different perspectives on the same topic. I may post again to clarify something I wrote or to add to it or contradict something that has been posted. I see threads as discussions on topics. When someone posts a different idea than I had considered or information I am unaware of, that’s gold. Even if I don’t agree, I learn from it and will consider it. Might not change my opinion but I will consider how it fits with my understanding of the situation/topic.

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Usually I don’t change my opinion, but when I re-read the question, I realize I didn’t give an answer that the questioner was looking for. It doesn’t bother me. . . . much, but I don’t flip flop because I disagree with the majority.

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I question everything.

At least, that’s the theory. I may not always remember to do it, though.

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Naaaaaa…I’m always right.

(Except, of course, when I’m absolutely wrong.)

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I can’t remember a specific occurrence, but I’m nearly positive I’ve changed my mind or altered my initial stance somewhat in a thread or two around here. You learn new things, process the new information, and that can certainly have an effect on my previous thinking. It’s entirely likely that I’ve changed my mind about some things over the long time I’ve been here, just by being exposed to so many different viewpoints. I couldn’t point to any one answer that swayed me…it’s more like a process of osmosis.

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Agree generally with all of the above including views that are out of sink with the majority opinion.

I am very moody and that reflects my thoughts take and approach also there is a available time-priorities issue.

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Do you answer your questions?

To be serious for a moment, I will say that as my real life has become more compelling, I am less invested in Fluther discussions although I still enjoy it here.

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Yes. I am a different person every day.
I often regret missing the 10-minute edit mark, but, oh well.
Several times, conversations on Fluther have caused me to rethink social or political positions that I thought were a done deal in my mind. I think that’s pretty cool, because I don’t get the chance to have such discussions in real life very often.

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Yes I have changed my mind about something after having read others’ answers, and I have expressed it.

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