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What is wrong with my nail?

Asked by Carinaponcho (1376points) January 30th, 2013 from iPhone

My fingernail is painful to the touch. On the left side of my nail, there is something brown and yellow underneath. Also, the white of my nail gradually gets bigger as it goes towards that yellow area. The left side of my finger is red and painful, with skin peeling. I have been putting clear iodine and topical anti fungal medication on it for two weeks. I have also been putting Vic’s vaporub on it because my mother told me to. There has been a yellow and white goo oozing from it. What is wrong with my nail? How could I fix it?

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Your nail is begging you to take it to the doctor.

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That’s a very good idea.

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Your infected nail, that is…

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Yes, see a doctor. Your mother told you to put Vick’s Vapo Rub on it because some people believe that will get rid of nail fungus. Unfortunately, your nail (as others have already observed) is infected. You may or may not also have fungus, but you need to deal with the infection immediately. That yellow stuff is pus.

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sounds like fungus. Ask the doctor.

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Jeesh, definately infected, do you wear fake nails often?

Home cure is soapy dishwater with a half a capful of bleach added, cures almost every kind of hand infection. Or go to the dr, now I have a nasty visual, too, bleh.

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The doctor will probably prescribe an antibiotic; but see to it immediately, before it gets worse, spreads or does more damage to the nail bed. That could cause permanent disfiguation to the finger nail. Do it ASAP!

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What the heck have you done to your nail? You are not telling us something. You smashed it or you wear fake nails constantly, but either way, you have some sort of fungal/bacterial infection. Forget the bleach cure that @KNOWITALL is suggesting. Sometimes, she doesn’t know it all. If you have a fungal infection, it will be systemic, which means a topical fungicide may not work. It also sounds like a subdural (under the skin) infection which can only be cleared up by oral antibiotics. If it has not cleared up in two weeks with topical antibiotic cream, you are going to need oral antibiotics.

Go and see a doctor. Forget Vicks Vapo rub. Leave your nails alone for a while.

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Watch for signs of an infection moving up your arm. The ooze needs to keep leaking out. Damn I wish i could get hold of that guy.

opens pocket knife

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I went to the doctor yesterday and they prescribed me some antibiotics. They recommended that I soak it in Epsom salt dissolved it water. I am supposd to go back in a week for a follow up.

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The doctor also said that it is definately not fungus.

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@Carinaponcho Good call, hope you feel better!

@cazzie I don’t always know it all, and aren’t you sweet for pointing that out for people!

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Use BC powder for the hurt. It really does work great if you can get the hang of swallowing the stuff for if you mess that up you will have a really screwed up face for a few minutes.

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You need to be very glad it isn’t a fungus. Much harder to get rid of. Make sure you do the Epsom salt soaks. Epsom salt is not table salt. It has a different chemical make up and it has some really great natural properties not to be poo poo’d. Go’ bedring. (get well soon.)

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I went back to the doctor today for a follow up appointment and there was very little improvement. I had a different doctor who told me that it probably is fungus. She prescribed anti fungal tablets and a topical cream.

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