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What do you want your last meal to be?

Asked by rockfan (7802points) January 30th, 2013

Mine would be lobster with shrimp, calamari, eggrolls, ragoon, garlic bread, french fries, and a side of honey mustard. With apple pie for dessert. And water with lemon to drink. What about you?

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An everlasting gobstopper, like what Willy Wonka had.

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I would hope it had been something light and easily digestible so as not to embarrass myself when the Grim Reaper grabs my wrist.

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Oh, about seventy years from now. And you can serve me painted marbles and I probably won’t know the difference.

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Assuming I’m able to take nourishment by some means other than a tube, I’d really like to have the foods that have been a part of celebrations and memory-making experiences in my life: my grandmother’s turkey and cornbread dressing, my mother’s chicken and dumplings, my daughter’s migas, my friend’s peach pie, and on and on. I do love food.

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Lobster newburg over rice. Coconut cake. Ice tea.

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Aarhh! I wish to taste Natasha Romanov aka Black Widow!

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Potato latkes sautéed in real schmaltz, sour cream and apple sauce. Then a chaser of morphine.

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I’d have as many pieces of fried chicken with gravy and french fries that I could eat. A big juicy steak with mushroom gravy and mashed potatoes. Chocolate volcano cake with plenty of Crème anglaise. Lots of champagne. These are all the things that I don’t normally eat and wish I could.

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a small fresh crab salad
a small tenderloin steak, medium rare
souffled potatoes
creamed spinach
a dark chocolate covered, custard filled puffed pastry with a garnish of whipped cream.

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Ribs and beer.

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Fish and chips, proper British chippy style!

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NSFW Breasts and pussy. Screw it if I have to go I want to go out with a smile. (I tried to come up with food but that just sounded better)

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I think it’s interesting that very few of these responses have gotten over 2 GA’s.
Food is a very personal matter, isn’t it?

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^^^ My “chaser of morphine” got some interest.

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