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How do you heal a distended bladder?

Asked by tan253 (2240points) January 30th, 2013

2 weeks ago I had a UTI, a really weird one as I had no symptoms I just couldn’t empty my bladder – due to breast feeding I made the decision to try fight it naturally, which according to the urine strip tests at the Dr’s I have, however I still can’t empty my bladder – the Dr today told me he thinks I have a distended bladder – I have been holding my urine as sometimes I just can’t go – re :breast feeding or my husband isn’t home and we co sleep.

The Dr didn’t say how to fix it!

Anyone know?
I just can’t empty, every time I go pee and I finish I can go again – it’s driving me bonkers!

Any thoughts?

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Distended bladder or atonic badder?

Sounds to me as if you need to request a referral to a urologist.

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Distended I think – he said I probably have stretched my bladder from holding to long.

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I should say I got my ney and Bladder checked about 10 months ago and they were both fine – blood in urine whilst pregnant.

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A distended bladder occurs from swelling and blockage of the urethra disallowing an appropriate urine flow… This wouldn’t happen from “stretching” your bladder or holding your piss, it would occur from something a little more intricate. Due to the variety of causes associated with a distended bladder you need to be individually examined to find the root cause in order to treat it.
If it’s mild, meaning you can still urine on your own, then clock voiding is highly recommended (which is emptying your bladder every two or three hours) Also sitting in a bathtub full of warm water in order to influence your urine flow… But if it’s severe then you’ll need to urinate by catheter (you said your doctor seen you, i’m unsure why he hasnt treated it yet, unless he has and you’ve neglected to mention that)

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No he seemed very unconcerned and told me to just pee when I needed to pee but that was all.
Does it heal on it’s own?
By the sounds of it not = I have no insurance though!
Hopefully the culture will come back positive for a UTI and then that’s easy!

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Call his nurse soonest and tell her your problem, which is being unable to urinate, for whatever reason.

Even with a nursing baby, you should be able to get to the toilet while you have the urge. Put the baby in a crib and let her cry for five minutes if you have to.

Have you tried standing in a hot shower and peeing? If you are really stuck, you have a big problem and need to deal with it now.

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It does not, to the best of my knowledge heal naturally but I mean I can understand not having insurance and having to do what you have to do

So if you are still able to pee then clock void (as I mentioned above, and take warm baths… These methods help you manage the issue but to remove it completely you’ll need to invest in some insurance :-)

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If you have an infection, then you will probably need to cure it with antibiotics. I have heard that they don’t get better on their own, and you can be left with scaring—all unnecessary.

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It was the Dr that told me I got it from holding onto my pee! I didn’t make that part up. So confusing when a Dr acts like its not a big deal but google says otherwise!

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If you are unable to urinate, you don’t need Google to tell you that you have a problem.

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I can urinate – I just never feel completely empty. Everytime I go its significant.

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Hows your electrolyte balance? Just curious as to where all the fluid is coming from.

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How do you find our your electrolyte balance?

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@tan253 Mine is checked with a blood test.

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@tan253: Drink more water and pee more often. Perhaps just exercising the muscle will tighten it up. Sitting in a tub of very warm water is also a benign treatment.

A call to the nurse might be helpful and reassuring.

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