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It’s probably adequate. I doubt if it’s good.

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It’s a Holiday Inn near a very busy airport. It will be fine if you are staying there for convenience only on the way to catch a flight. Predictable amenities. I wouldn’t choose it for a romantic tryst.

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It’s probably not bad, what with a 3.7 / 5.0 rating from 240 (Expedia) guest reviews…
The hotel itself is rated at 2.5 stars… see what it means here…

Of course it’s all relative to the purpose of your stay.

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I’ve actually seen this property (I fly in and out of the NYC area airports at least once a month for work, often more than that..depends on the month) ..and it’s not too bad. It wouldn’t be in my top 5 places to stay..but it’s not horrible.

If you are flying out of one the Delta Terminals I recommend instead the Marriott—I’ve stayed here a few times and you can literally cross the road and walk to the terminal (which is nice in case you don’t have a rental car or want to be at the mercy of a hotel shuttle to arrive..)

I travel a ton for work and I rely heavily on reviews found on Trip Advisor. Here is the link
to the hotel you’re considering. Personally, I’d consider the Hilton or the Marriott instead.

Also, here is a forum with other frequent travelers weighing in on JFK hotels:

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It’s a place to spend the night, nothing more.

Why did you choose it? What are you looking for and why do you want to stay at the airport?

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An airport hotel is a weird choice unless, as @gailcalled says, you have an early flight the next morning. There are so many factors that go into what makes a hotel the “right hotel” in a given situation, that it’s kind of impossible for us to answer based on no information about your stay in NYC or your personal standards/preferences.

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This one is a business hotel which can’t provide you with all the luxury one looks for on a holiday.
Hotels besides or near airports are basically for the purpose of conferences and meetings.
It has a rating of 3.7 out of 5, which is not at all bad but you should not compromise with luxury on your <a href=“”>USA vacations</a>.
New York has all the luxury which takes people there to visit and explore.
It has beaches and luxury villas to make your stay ever memorable.

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