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There's no sound when I play a movie in iTunes. Why?

Asked by AshlynM (9348points) January 30th, 2013

All my other movies in iTunes play just fine and all of my music plays as well. It’s just this one movie I’m having problems with.

I do have the very latest update from iTunes, I thought that would fix the problem, but it still exists.

I believe I converted it to a format that is supported by iTunes. I tried playing that movie in all the different media players I have on my laptop, including VLC and Quicktime. Neither one will play sound for this movie.

The source I downloaded the movie from played the sound just fine but after I downloaded it, the sound is no longer there. The volume is not muted on my laptop nor in iTunes so volume is not issue.

Can someone help me figure out what I’m doing wrong or that I need to do in order to fix this issue? Thanks!

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I did check the volume on iTunes. Unless there’s a secret setting for volume that I missed, it is on and working.

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You probably lost the audio track when you performed the conversion…what format was it before and after?

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The source I downloaded it from stated it was in avi form. It’s now in m4v format. Video plays just fine and is not distorted, there’s just no sound. I may have to download it again and see what happens. Thanks. Keep the suggestions coming if anyone has anything else to add.

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Maybe the file is flawed to begin with

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I finally fixed my problem. I downloaded the movie from a different source and the sound now works. Thanks.

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