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Have you +1'd Fluther? (now with direct link)!

Asked by PhiNotPi (12647points) January 30th, 2013

Although it might not be a “question,” this thread does have a very practical purpose.

When you +1 a website using your Google account, you help tell Google that this is a quality website that deserves to rank higher in Google searches.

Since Fluther is always running very low on traffic (the manager can attest to that), we generate very little revenue, just enough to run the servers with not very much in surplus. Fluther does not have a single employee paid full-time.

I believe that having users +1 this site will help improve traffic flow to this site. By having more visitors, we can increase revenue.

More importantly, this can increase the number of users and the amount of activity on the site. If you have ever went back through time in the General section, you can see how there was much more activity two years ago than there is today. There was a larger and healthier community. I want to see the old levels of activity return, and I want to see this place thrive.

If you have a GMail account, I heavily encourage you to +1 Fluther.

Here is a direct link to a Google +1 button that is tied to Fluther. It may be hosted on another website, but clicking it will upvote Fluther.

Thank you. Should you to participate, you would be doing Fluther a great favor.

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