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Is apple doing a trade in program for the iPhone 3G?

Asked by fortris (680points) June 10th, 2008

Or will AT&T accept iPhones bought at a mac store?

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There isn’t official word on this, but I doubt it. Here are the things they will do

1) If you bought your phone after May 26th (?) you can upgrade to the 3g for free

2) If you trade in your iphone, you can get a $5–10 recycling fee

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It would be nice, but I’m assuming that the main reason the price is low on the 3G is due to some AT&T kickbacks for new accounts.

Personally, I’m looking forward to jail breaking and hacking my old one without having to worry about it…

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@AlexChoi 1) Cool, because thats what I was hoping for. 2)Is that in addition to something? Because that doesn’t seem right to only get 5–10 bucks.
@yetanother Don’t bother jailbreaking now, the app store is almost here and apps were the primary reason to jailbreak it.

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@Alexchoi DAMMIT! I just realized they meant THIS year! Those bastards!

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Well, considering the iphone didnt come out until June 29th last year, I can’t imagine why you would think they meant last year. (May comes before June)

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I know, I’m not an idiot. It threw me off BECAUSE it was before it was released.

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@fortris No, that’s not in addition to anything… I turned in a dead iPod and that’s the amount they gave me… it’s basically fodder for them

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Ouch, thats a HUGE burn.

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