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Does anyone else have a Twitter account?

Asked by bridold (638points) June 10th, 2008

I just joined Twitter and I really love it. I plan on using it on my website. The only problem is that I barely know anyone else who has it and I’d be interested to see what people are doing throughout their day. Do any of you have twitter accounts and do you mind if I follow you? To find out more info go here . This is my account .

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My buddy got me going on Twitter, and now that I use it I really enjoy it. If you start using it maybe that will be enough to prompt your circle of friends.

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It’s not unusual for someone to have the same name on both sites. If you see someone you like here, try finding their Fluther username there (on Twitter).

Else you could always PM someone in particular asking their Twitter name.

And I think there’s a Facebook group, a group, and others, too.

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twitter goes from interesting to useful when people you know IRL are on board… (I’m yetanother on twitter too)

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I have a twitter account, although I’m egon_ there. And ditto for the answer from @yetanother

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Everyone who I know IRL (i’m guessing this means in real life?) are on my myspace page so I posted a bulletin on there telling them all to join, but no one has yet :(

Twitter has a facebook group?

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I’m on Twitter friend me up. Same user name.

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I haven’t started using it.

Also, more Twitter Flutherers (Fluthering Twitterers?) here.

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I use twitter as well. You can follow me and I will follow you. I have not really learned everything about twitter to use it properly.

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@SKS485… yeah, I’m definitely still in the learning phase of Twitter too, but I really like it so far.

i’m definitely going to add all of you! As you can see, my name is the same here as it is there :)

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Arr I be on Tweeter my name be “Lemon08” I tweet every day now that it is the Sumer :D

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Here is the Fluther group on Facebook.

And here is a great short video on commoncraft that explains how Twitter works and why it’s cool.

You’re welcome to follow me; my username is adamkoren. It’s a long story how that username came to be, but let’s just say it started when um, I was born. And my parents named me. Yeah.

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@MelonKing I Love Lego is the best bio ever.

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I’m on Twitter too (same username I believe) but I don’t dig it, probably because I don’t know anyone that’s there too IRL.

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I’m on too! same user name. I have the same problem as u! no one I know uses it yet!

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mine’s iwamoto_tetsuzo
i’m just gonna start, damn it, haha

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OK I’m gonna give it a go for the laugh…

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Hahaha glad to see I’m not alone with the Lego :D

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@osullivanbr definitely – and add me when you do! Try and get your friends to sign up too, otherwise it can get kind of lame. :)

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i’m on twitter, row4food

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I’ve “Twittered” twice…going to watch commoncraft video now about it…

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Great explanation of Twitter…I think the last thing I let everyone know I was doing was Fluthering. LOL! Going to check now..

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You can find interesting people to follow here
This is my Twitter account.

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OK onto the band wagon I go. Come follow me.

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I love Twitter! Glad you joined. :) Hopefully, you’ll love it, too.

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You can follow mikegoelzer. He’s an awesome dude.

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