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I just got a new food dehydrator. Any good recipes?

Asked by Rarebear (24658points) January 31st, 2013

Dried fruit, dried vegetables, jerky, whatever you got.

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I use various recipes, but my personal favorite is teriyaki deer jerky (or beef if you prefer.)
Depending on the amount you’re making I use @½ cup honey to ½ cup soy sauce (high end!), ginger (fresh or dry works) and my husband throws some kind of smoke on his, I like mine without.

Fruit needs no additions for me, but some people like to drizzle honey or lightly sugar the fruit. Remember it gets sweeter as it’s dried, it concentrates it.

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@KNOWITALL I found that out regarding the sweetness. We did some pineapple and it was amazing.

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I like to use dried tomatoes for my pizza and pasta sauces. Depending on how you want the consistency to be I can use the slices whole or crush them up.

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Dried tomatoes are a great idea. I will want to wait until tomato season as nowadays they are tasteless.

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I keep thinking I would like to have one but they seem expensive to me, over $100. Did you have to pay that much for yours? Do you think you will use it enough to justify the cost?

These suggestions all sound very good for sure!

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@rooeytoo the good ones are a little expensive, but if you have a garden they will pay for themselves quickly. They are also good if you want to buy in bulk and dry the excess that you won’t use quickly.

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There’s a woman named Mary Bell who’s written several books on food dehydrating. She’s a friend of my mom’s, and has the BEST recipes! Also very artistic. One of her recipes for jerky is absolutely delicious. My mom came up with it 25 years ago and still makes today. It has ketchup and worcestshire (sp?) sauce in the marinade.

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@rooeytoo We paid more, but my wife got one of the top of the line ones. I’m not sure exactly how much. I eat a lot of dehydrated fruit and I like jerky so it was worth it.

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@RandomGirl Thanks. I found Mary Bell’s book in the library so I ordered it.

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You could make prunes, but I dunno, with your coffee habit and adding dried prunes in the mix you might have an accident during a critical medical moment. ;-)
Salmon is delicious smoked and dried too!

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I think I need one to make treats for the dogs and birds if nothing else!

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I also just bought a dehydrator. I am planning to start out by making kale chips. I first tried this in the toaster oven using an online recipe. The result was disastrous.

You can’t buy low fat vegetable chips, so I am hoping it works out well. Has anybody else made vegetable chips in a dehydrator?

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Homemade jerky would work for me – commercially made jerky has sodium nitrate added. My inner ear has a problem with sodium nitrate, so I have not had jerky in a long time.

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@RocketGuy If I make homemade jerky will you come on the next backpacking trip?

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@rarebear: I have the same problems with commercial jerky! I’ve been craving some lately… Hey, moooom….

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@rarebear – My satellite is scheduled for final preps before shipping at about that time. Next year looks much better for me to go.

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