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Squishies: What are your favourite Android apps?

Asked by Seek (34709points) January 31st, 2013

OK, took the plunge and got my first smart phone.

The little one and I have been going outside nightly with good ol’ Google SkyMaps. He’s still waiting for his favourite planet (Saturn) to show up in the sky. We have to settle for Jupiter.

I think I have most of the basics: NPR News, Science Friday, a couple of GeoCaching apps for trips to the park, Google Reader, Angry Birds for the little one.

What app can you not live without? What should everyone who has an Android download right now?

And forgive me if there have been a kabillion of this question already. I want to feel special. ^_^

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Sky& for weekly star and planet charts and heads-up for other interesting stellar phenomena.

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I recently got an Android phone too and am trying out lots of apps, most of which I had on my company iPhone, but some I didn’t, like Tivoli Radio and a birthday reminder app, both of which I like a lot. But the one I love most is Nest, which I had on my iPhone and can’t live without. Lets me control my wireless Nest thermostat at my house.

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I like Timers4Me. Timers, Alarms, stop watch, lap timers It’s great. And it’s free!

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Since I see you like to watch the sky, ISS Detector might be a nice app.
I use it and I find it pretty neat to see the International Space Station appear at the time and direction the app has shown me.

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@rebbel SO COOL!
@LuckyGuy I was looking for a better alarm clock. Thanks!
@gailcalled Totally downloading that. Thanks!

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I have absolutely no answer; the most modern phone I have is a flip cellphone. WHEN YOU TOUCH THE SCREEN NOTHING HAPPENS.

But, you said squishies, and I just wanted to say how much ass that kicks.

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Here’s my list from last month.

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If you’re a musician, you want a metronome, a tuner, and a recorder. Those are my most used apps, besides the standard ones (phone, contacts, texts, email, gps, maps, driving directions, camera, video). I also have a newspaper. I should get an e-reader (for my phone), too, but I don’t have one.

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I can’t live without a Sudoku app and a Jewels game.
Also since I asked this question a little while ago, and someone reccommended Evernote, I can’t live without that one either. It’s brilliant for notes that can synch automatically between my phone and my PC.

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These are the ones I use daily
Speed Boost (stops all unused processes and clears out junk files)
Amazon Appstore (if I didn’t have the icon staring me in the face, I’d forget to check each day’s FAOTD, the daily free app)
Sudoku Daily
Deal Drop
Deal News
Midnight Box
( I have gotten some ridiculously low price dropped items from each one of these. I check Deal News several times per day as it updates in real time)
Lookout (searches for malware. The paid version will also track down you phone if lost)
Word Shaker
Word Mix Lite
SYTYKW (so you think you know words)
Word Puzzle for the Soul (just got this today from FAOTD)
Rain Therapy (great for going to sleep
Ultimate Jigsaw (This is challenging for adults but, because you can change the size and numbers of pieces, this is great for kids as well)

There are also a couple of apps for lowering prescription costs but they’re on my former tablet. These have saved me a ton of money.

I’ll add them in later.

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